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Friday, January 22, 2016

Police manhunt for 'female artiste' who exposed boobs

KOTA KINABALU - Police are keen to interview an unidentified ‘female artiste’ - not to sign her up as their lead singer for the Police Combo - but rather to chat her up and book her for indecent exposure.

The police are also calling on one Rayndi Jubidi, 24, to also come forward to help in the investigation under Section 294 of the Penal Code for committing an obscene act in a public place.

City police chief, Assistant Commissioner M. Chandra told reporters Thursday that the so-called female singer - believed to be a transgender - is wanted for questioning after her breasts were exposed while she was ‘performing’ at the Suria Sabah Shopping Mall last Saturday.

He said police opened up investigation papers into the case after a report was lodged by the chief security officer of the mall, and also due to public interest, as a big uproar ensued in the media following a minute-long video that went viral.

Whether her boobs were purposely exposed, or it popped up during her act due to a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ is anybody’s guess, but police are not laughing.
“Our initial investigation revealed that busking had been carried out at the shopping complex since Dec 25.

“On the said day (January 16), apparently three ‘women’ came to the mall with one wearing a rather revealing outfit. She then asked the buskers for the microphone and proceeded to sing "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz.

“But throughout her four-minute performance, she was seen trying to cover her breasts that kept popping out from her very low-cut blouse as ‘she’ was definitely bra-less. She left immediately after the song ended,” said Chandra.

He added that they had yet to identify the so-called performer and were seeking her co-operation to come forward to any police station to help in the investigation.

The offence carries a jail sentence of three months, or fine, or both if convicted.

Amused patrons took videos and photographs with their mobile phones, but some were left red-faced as they had children with them.

Suria Sabah then clarified the individual was not part of the band and was not authorised to perform.

The mall management also apologised at being unable to stop the indecent act, saying the management strictly does not support or endorse such indecent acts and exhibition.

Late Thursday, reporters asked Chandra to confirm if the wanted felon was a male, or, female.

“Tuan, can clear on that gender part kah?” asked a female reporter.

This prompted a reply from Chandra - “We should not make any presumption as regards to the gender status.

“As far as the police is concern her outlook & outfit refers to female gender. Shall confirm, once she come forward.”

Several photographs showing a transgender, and said to be that of the singer, are currently going round on social media.

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