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Monday, October 31, 2016

Businessman physically abused by girlfriend for refusing sex

N.E LINCOLNSHIRE - A man has spoken out about how he suffered horrific domestic abuse at the hands of his girlfriend because he turned her down for sex.

Michelle Williamson, 45, shoved burning cigarettes up Ian McNicholl’s nose, branded him with an iron, hit him with a bar and a mobile phone, attacked him with a hammer, and poured boiling water on his groin.

Mr McNicholl suffered cracked ribs, a fractured skull, broken cheekbones, and a smashed nose during the 18-month ordeal at their home in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire.

She was jailed for seven years for what she did.

Mr McNicholl, who is working with Mankind Initiative to spread awareness of domestic abuse, said: ‘There was never any remorse. She’d do it, then send me out for cigarettes – she definitely got off on it.’

The abuse started four months after the couple met at Birmingham New Street train station when she hit him across the face with a vacuum cleaner lead.

She was angry because he wouldn’t tell her about his previous sexual experience.

He said it then escalated and Williamson would lash out when he refused sex: ‘She’d rant “You don’t love me enough, you have five minutes to be ready for sex”.

‘That, of course, is the last thing on your mind. Then she’d say “You now have four minutes, three minutes…”

‘At the end of five minutes she’d blocked out what she had done.’

In separate incidents, he had a magnum of Champagne smashed across his knees, cigarettes stubbed out on his chest and shoved into his nostrils.

Twice he was scalded with boiling water and was also branded between the shoulder blades with an iron.

Ian’s ordeal only ended after a neighbour raised the alarm following a catalogue of violence that saw Ian struck with a phone, a metal bar from a rowing machine and a hammer.

Williamson, now living in Wolverhampton, was handed a seven-year prison sentence for causing grievous bodily harm at Grimsby Crown Court in 2009 – and is now free.

Asked to describe his former flame in the beginning when they met in September 2006, Ian said: ‘She was friendly, she had a good sense of humour.

‘Perpetrators will strike when they know they have control – there is a grooming process.

‘Manipulation leads to isolation, isolation gives the perpetrators control. My tactic was to not do anything that would make her angry.’

Michelle had warned her partner to blame the visable bruises she caused on burly blokes who were chasing his unpaid gambling debt.

When Ian thought about leaving his violent partner, Michelle told him that she was well connected and would have him killed.

The Surviving Domestic Abuse seminar will take place at Bescot Stadium, Walsall, on Wednesday, November 16.

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