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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Lawyer sues Jawi for raid on transgender event

Lawyer Siti Zabedah Kasim filed a suit against the Federal Territories Islamic Department (Jawi) last month for a raid Jawi conducted on a closed-door transgender event held at a local hotel seven months ago.

Siti Zabedah named Jawi as the sole defendant in the originating summons, which was filed by the firm of Mark Law Chambers on Oct 20.

The lawyer is seeking, among others matters, for the department to furnish the details of the officers involved in the raid, the police reports on her or others that they lodged, arrest reports and warrants for them to conduct the search and raid.

She is seeking all the documents to be produced within 14 days and for the defendant to bear the costs involved and pay any relief deemed fit by the court.

Siti Zabedah wants the information and document to be disclosed in the interests of justice, as she claims that the defendant is in possession, custody of, or power over the information.

In the supporting affidavit of her application, she said the raid was conducted about 10pm on April 3, this year, despite it being a closed-door event that began at 7.30pm.

'Chaotic situation was created'
“During the raid, they closed the premises and prevented those present from exiting. This created a chaotic situation then.

“I told the raiding party I am a lawyer and asked what was the offence. The raiding party was not accompanied by the police, not did they produce any warrant,” she said.

Siti Zabedah said the event was a closed-door dinner event and not a beauty pageant.

“I tried to explain this, but was shunned by the raiding party. Following that, one of the officers told me that I have been placed under arrest,” she said, adding that she was forced into a van owned by the Jawi enforcers.

Siti Zabedah also said that the Jawi enforcement officers had abused their powers by taking her to the Dang Wangi district police station.

The raid has been condemned by various groups, including Malaysian Bar president Steven Thiru, who said this was a misuse of enforcement and abuse of investigative powers. - Malaysiakini

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