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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Seven missing as landslip hits riverine houses in Sook

KOTA KINABALU - Seven people are believed missing following a landslip that hit a worker's quarters in an oil palm estate in the interior Sook district.

The missing - two 17-year-old girls, two 13-year-old boys and three eight-year-old children - were among 11 people in a riverside wooden house that was hit by the landslip Saturday.

Sabah Civil Defence Department director Kol Mulliadi Al-Hamdi Ladin said Sunday the victims are believed to be Filipino workers and their family members.

"We received a distress call from the estate owner at 12.19pm on the incident and sent our team to the area, but they could not proceed because the bridge to the estate was damaged," he said.

He said four other estate workers - a man, woman, a boy and a girl - were found safe by their fellow workers following the landslip.

The landslip is believed to have been triggered by a mud flood.

Rescuers are still trying to get to the area to intensify the search for the missing people. - the Star online

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