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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Illegals planting crops on govt reserve land

SANDAKAN - The relevant authorities have been urged to take stringent action to stop intruders believed to be foreigners, turning unoccupied government lands into fruit and vegetable plots.

Such practices have been increasing in the district as these individuals move in to these vacant plots to plant banana trees, tapiocas and pineapples, probably in the hope of claiming right to Native Titles later through securing documents legally or otherwise.

They start clearing and even to the extent of killing big trees by removing the barks to access the area for cultivation purpose.

Residents of housing areas near where these new plots have cropped up have expressed concern because banana trees are known to be alternate breeding spots for mosquitoes.

"Mosquitoes breed in still, stagnant water. Any plant or tree that has leaves that can hold water is an attractant for mosquitoes," said one resident.

One such "farm" is at the junction to Taman Pertama near Mile 5 Jalan Utara where mostly banana trees have been planted on a stretch of vacant area along the monsoon drain at the side of the housing estate.

As the fight against mosquitoes continues and more obvious breeding grounds are being cleared there is a tendency for mosquitoes to lay eggs on these plants.

Taman Mesra was a fine example where a similar field of banana trees grown close by were cut down following reports of dengue recently.

Recently, it was reported that the town has been witnessing an increase in stateless kids harassing the public for money. - DE

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