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Friday, September 21, 2018

2 suspected kidnappers shot dead

KUNAK - Police in Sabah have shot dead two men believed to be involved in the abduction of two Indonesian fishermen after a high-speed chase at sea near Bohayan Island last night.

The Eastern Sabah Security Command’s (Esscom) commander Hazani Ghazali said in the 10.30pm incident, Esscom and police conducted an anti-crime operation at a water village Kampung Kunak 3.

In the operation, he said 18 undocumented men were rounded up and 16 pump boats were seized.

“Two men boarded a pump boat and managed to slip out from the police raid towards Kunak waters. A police team and Esscom immediately boarded two boats and went after the runaway men.

“Police also switched on their boats’ blue light to warn the pump boat to halt. Instead, the suspects began to shoot at the police boats.”

He said police returned fire as self-defence before overtaking the pump boat near Bohayan Island. Hazani said police found two dead men in the boat, with bullet wounds on their bodies.

He said the men, in their 50s, had no identification papers.

He said police recovered two revolvers, eight live bullets and a Samurai sword from the suspects.

Hazani said police also seized a white pump boat with the name “Ainigel” and a picture of an eagle on its body, which he said could have been used for the kidnapping of the two Indonesian fishermen on Sept 11 near Semporna.

“Further investigation on this pump boat revealed that it was the same boat involved in the kidnapping case according to the witnesses,” he said.

In the Sept 11 kidnapping incident, two Indonesian fishermen were abducted near Gaya Island in Semporna while two other crew members managed to hide inside the fishing vessel.

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