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Monday, September 12, 2016

Show Up At Batu Sumpah for Solidarity on Sabah Rights

KOTA KINABALU - “Sabahans and Sabahan leaders should show up at the Batu Sumpah in Keningau this September 16th, irrespective of their political affiliation, to show their oneness and solidarity for the restoration and implementation of Sabah’s Rights contained in the MA63, IGC, Batu Sumpah and the Federal Constitution,” urged Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, President of STAR and the Assemblyman for Bingkor.

“Setting up of Committees and submitting Memorandums to the PM, although lesser options, are not good enough. We must come together physically as one people, Bangsa Sabah or Sabahans, with one voice in one location and in one moment in time, to show our seriousness in wanting our Rights restored.”

“Where else but at this Batu Sumpah, a national monument, in Keningau, this coming Malaysia Day?” added Dr. Jeffrey.

“Come and join us, if you are sincere and serious about Sabah’s Rights.  Be present and your presence and participation in this year’s historic Malaysia Day, September 16th, and be recorded in the annals of history as having participated as patriots of Sabah in Malaysia.”

Dr. Jeffrey said, “the promises, assurances and undertakings contained in the various constitutional documents leading up to the formation of Malaysia in 1963 must be fulfilled and delivered to the Borneo Territories in order to make Malaysia meaningful to them.

Sabah’s expectations to be federation with the Federation of Malaya, Singapore and Sarawak after gaining self-government as the first step towards full independence and endorsed by the British, was to experience further enhancements of its own independence in the synergistic merger.  Indeed, the slogan then was “Bersekutu Bertambah Maju”.

But after 53 years in Malaysia, where is the “Bertambah Maju”?  It is only a hollow slogan when the direct opposite is happening and Sabah the poorest in Malaysia.

Do not let Malaysia be like the sugar cane desbribed by the late Temenggong Jugra from Sarawak – “manis dipangkal, tawar dihujung or sweet in the beginning, tasteless or bland at the end”.

We must do something to save Sabah and in turn save Malaysia. To save Sabah and save Malaysia, we must correct what is wrong with it and resolve the discontentment of Sabah and Sarawak.

Resolve or Dissolve Malaysia

A step forward should lead to a new Federal Constitution making Sabah and Sarawak equal to the Federation of Malaya and an equitable role in a restructured Federal government.

Be present at Batu Sumpah this Malaysia Day and do your part as patriotic Sabahans in Malaysia to save Sabah and Malaysia. Send the right signal to the Federal and Sabah governments to restore Sabah’s Rights in Malaysia which will save Sabah and Malaysia.

"INI KALI LAH!" Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan

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