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Monday, June 26, 2017

Thai oil tanker robbed by pirates in Malaysian waters

BANGKOK - A Thai oil tanker robbed by pirates in Malaysian waters has returned to Songkhla province.

Its crew is reported to be safe.

The vessel, the CP41, has returned to dock at Koh Noo, said the Thai navy's Vice Admiral Pornchai Pinthong.

He said on Monday he had dispatched naval officers, customs officials, and officials from the Labour Welfare and Protection Department to visit the crew.

According to Pornchai, the robbery took place at just after 9pm on June 23 when the CP41 was in Malaysian waters at latitude 03 55.27 and longitude 103.52.81, off Kuantan.

He said six or seven pirates went aboard and rounded up the captain and 16 other crew and held them on the deck.

They destroyed the ship security alert system and robbed the crew of their valuables and stole some 1.5 million litres of diesel oil, then fled.

The ship was transporting some three million litres of diesel oil from Malaysia to Songkhla.

After the pirates left, the ship headed for Songkhla.

Pornchai said the Thai Navy had contracted the Malaysian Navy in a bid to locate the pirates. - The Nation/ Asia News Network

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