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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Lost MS804 linked to missing MH370? An incredible coincidence?

CONSPIRACY theorists have suggested the disappearance of Egypt Air flight MS804 could be connected to the missing MH370 mystery after it emerged the two journeys were exactly 804 days apart.

An incredible coincidence has come to light as the number of days between the two air trips matches the flight number of the latest aircraft to disappear from the radar and the skies.

Flight MS804 was reported missing enroute from Paris to Cairo on May 19.

MH370 departed from Malaysia to Beijing, in China, on March 7 2014, 804 days earlier due to this year's leap year providing an extra day.

Some 66 people are believed to have perished on board MS804.

MH370 disappeared from radar screens over the South China Sea after leaving Kuala Lumpur to Beijing Capital International Airport with 239 people on board.

A thread is running on Reddit discussing the conspiracy and whether it is linked to numeric synchronicity - a theory where coincidences are not readily accepted.

One user said: "That's a pretty incredible coincidence. Not saying there is anything to it, but it is odd to say the least.

"Seeing as how the plane departed Paris, how long until ISIS claims responsibility and France locks down the country even more so than it already is?"

But user Ronintesoru replied: "You and I don't put a lot of stock in numeric synchronicity.

"But I think it's fair to say that there are powerful people on this planet that do."

Someone with the user name DragonFireDon said: "I think there IS something to it. This is not a likely coincidence."

But user Vitenskapsmann was not convinced adding: "There really isn't anything to it, people have drawn some freaky numerical relations to almost every major event in modern history.

"If you look for these kinds of patterns, sometimes you're going to find them and the vast majority of the time the patterns will be meaningless."

The_Sven said: "Why would someone running a vast conspiracy for nefarious purposes leave clues like this? Like, the real world isn't Batman so why would they try to act like the Riddler?"

Twitter user Kevin Andrew appears to be the first person to have posted details of the "link".

He wrote: "Flight #MS804 goes missing exactly 804 days since #MH370 disappeared? Oh Christ, the conspiracy theorists are going to love that one."

MH370 has still yet to be found, although a number of parts, some believed to have come from the aircraft have been found.

Alleged wreckage has been found as far away as Mozambique and Reunion Island near Madagascar.

The MH370 riddle has been swamped with conspiracy theories about what happened.

They have included the Malaysian Prime Minister alleging the CIA knew the plane’s whereabouts or that it hid behind another plane on radar.

One more common theory is the pilot flew the pane into the sea, killing all on board.

By Jon Austin

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