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Friday, January 20, 2017

Local parties are banding together in Kota Belud

From left: Alex Ruben, Suwah Buleh, Wilfred Sindam,
Kanul Gindol and Maslan Maginda
KOTA BELUD - The local opposition parties under Gabungan Sabah here are banding together and will soon launch joint programmes and possibly have a shared meeting places in several places in the district.

"A first meeting between local leaders of all four parties -- STAR, PCS, SAPP and newcomer Parti Harapan Rakyat Sabah -- is being scheduled sometimes very soon so that everything after that would be even smoother and more synergised a movement," said Harapan Rakyat's communication director, Kanul Gindol.

He said this today in a statement after meeting several interest groups and Gabungan leaders in Kota Belud for the past few days, including severals today.

Picture shows Kanul (second from right) in a "kupi-kupi" meeting in Kota Belud today with STAR's head for Tempasuk, Suwah Buleh (second from left) and other leaders.

Kanul, who is also Harapan Rakyat divisional vice chairman for Kota Belud, also said that local opposition alliance has a clearer chance to win more seats if it is a straight fight with the ruling BN, but not necessarily.

Kanul said a straight fight between a BN candidate and an unified opposition candidate would certainly make it a lot easier to voters to choose between the two.

"It will be a clear cut choice between currently unpopular ruling party and its direct opposite. In a straight fight with unpopular party, the majority of voters would just vote the other opposite, doesn't matter who.

"But the local dynamics such as popularity and potentialities of candidate and the composition of ethnic groups, also play important role in determining who will win," he opined.

He also said all the five seats available in Kota Belud are up for grabs at the coming general election.

The five are the three existing state seats of Tempasuk, Usukan and Kadamaian as well as the proposed new Pintasan, and the Kota Belud parliamentary seat.

According to Kanul, a three- cornered fight would make election in Kota Belud, as well as in many other areas, more exciting and would force contesting parties to work harder and make better pledges to the electorates.

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