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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Lajim injured in fall, out of commission for a week

KOTA KINABALU - Parti Harapan Rakyat Sabah president Datuk Seri Lajim Ukin is recuperating from a muscle injury after he slipped while disembarking from a train last weekend.

Lajim, 61, strained his left shoulder when he fell while descending from a train car at 11am on Saturday, at Batu 66 Beaufort -Tenom in Beaufort.

He was on his way to attend a wedding at Kg Biah there, said the party's communications director Kanul Gindol in a statement.

"The steps were too high off the ground (and) there was no platform there, and the next proper station was still quite far (away).

"Lajim, who is Klias assemblyman, joined the wedding nevertheless, but later, he could not lift up his left arm. He still went ahead to two more functions in Klias (Beaufort) yesterday, even though he was in great pain.

"He has since been treated by a renowned local Chinese singseh (traditional medical practitioner) and had been advised to rest for one week," said Kanul, adding that the president "is in high spirits'”.

"He told me there is nothing to be worried about, as he will recover soon and hit the road again in a few days’ time," Kanul assured.


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