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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Sabah/Sarawak Rights should be implemented first

KOTA KINABALU - ‘The new Federal government under Pakatan Harapan should immediately implement Sabah Sarawak rights in the Federal Constitution instead of establishing another committee to review MA63 which can be done later“ said Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, President of Parti Solidariti Tanah Airku cum Keningau MP and Tambunan State Assemblyman, in response to Law Minister VK Liew’s announcement that a committee would be formed to identify the best method to ensure Sabah and Sarawak’s rights under MA63 can continue to be pursued.

The Federal Law Minister should stop playing politics with Sabah Rights slanted to make up his Warisan unlawful government in Sabah look good by promising to set up a Federal Committee to reevaluate MA63.

Before PRU-14, Warisan had urged the previous BN government not to be bothered with setting up committees on Sabah rights but go straight into implementing them.

If so, why need a committee now and why a new committee?  And what happened to the old Cabinet committee?

“Is it to further delay implementing Sabah Rights?” asked Dr. Jeffrey.

“Now, I am reminding Warisan to walk the talk.  You are the government now, just implement.

The Law Minister should go straight into Article 8 of MA63, the IGC Report and the Federal Constitution, particularly Articles 112C read with Parts IV and V of the 10th Schedule, which provides that 40% of the net revenue derived from Sabah should be returned to Sabah as well as the import and excise duties on petroleum products, export duties on timber and export duties on oil and gas exported from Sabah in lieu of royalties up to an aggregate 10% ad valorem value.  And also to implement Article 112D which provides for a mandatory review of the 40% net revenue entitlement which was never held since 1973.

And if the Minister is unable to fully understand them, many Sabahans would be more than willing to step forward to help him understand and implement the constitutional provisions for the good of Sabah and Sabahans.

Minister Liew should also ensure that his Warisan-led Sabah government implement their “Sabah for Sabahans” manifesto.

The first and foremost thing any patriotic “Sabah for Sabahans” government will do for the benefit of Sabah and Sabahans would be to ask for Sabah’s oil and gas ownership rights to be returned to Sabah.

Minister Liew and his Pakatan Harapan should be reminded that in the Pakatan Harapan Manifesto, it was promised that Sabah and Sarawak rights would be implemented within 100 days of forming the Federal government.

He does not have much time as 61 days have lapsed and there is only another 39 days to implement and return Sabah and Sarawak Rights as promised.

If he still wants to establish a committee to reevaluate MA63, he should ensure the following:-

(1)  The terms of reference of the committee should be made public;

(2)  All stakeholders should be included in the committee including signatories to MA63 and representatives from the opposition in Sabah and Sarawak;

(3)  The stipulated time frame for the review and which must be within a short time frame;

(4)  Review should include assessing the validity of MA63 particularly arising from its initial inception, the legal status after the departure of Singapore in 1963 as well as the continued breach and abandonment of the agreed basis of the formation of the Federation of Malaysia since 1963; and

(5)  The restitution for Sabah and Sarawak arising from the non-compliance with their oil and gas and other revenues being siphoned off and misappropriated to develop Malaya and leaving Sabah and Sarawak backward, undeveloped and the two poorest States in Malaysia.

While we question Liew and his government’s motives for establishing another committee, any move towards realizing Sabah Rights and resolving outstanding issues related to Sabah’s aspirations is most welcome.

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