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Friday, October 19, 2018

Mum who slashed four children, claimed seeing demon

KOTA KINABALU - The mother who slashed her four children had been behaving differently and claimed that there was a demon in her room for the past two weeks.

The distraught father of the children, Yohanes Kolin, 54, said he had stopped his 30-year-old wife from banging her head to a pillar in the room in the morning before the incident at the workers’ quarters at a resort off Mantanani island in Kota Belud yesterday.

“She then calmed down and asked me to continue my work while bringing our four children into the room.

“It is still difficult to believe what had happened as my wife loved our children who are very close to her. She even fed them before the incident,” he said, adding that he also managed to stop her wife from slashing herself.

During the 1.30pm incident, his youngest child Jerry, 8-month-old, died from a slash wound on the neck, while Jihan, 2, and Melati, 5, and Nurul Hanisah, 7, were in critical situation.

Yohanes, a gardener at the resort, was met at Likas Women and Children’s hospital here last night where all his three surviving children were getting treatment.

His wife was reported to be in critical situation as well and being treated at Queen Elizabeth hospital here.

The woman had slashed her eight-month-old baby to death and injuring three other children in Pulau Mantanani, Kota Belud.

Yohanes added that he left work as soon as he heard his children crying for help from the said room.

“I rushed back and tried to open the door but it was locked. I was shocked to see my two children bleeding as I peeped through the windows.

“When I managed to get into the room, my wife was about to slash her neck and I stopped her by taking away the knife while my two other children escaped from the room,” he said.

Yohanes then ran out to look for help and came across a General Operations Force’s (GOF) 16th Battalion team, which was conducting patrols nearby around 1.40pm.

The woman and the children were sent to the Kota Belud Hospital by boat.-- Reporting by Suzianah Jiffar, Junaidi Ladjana and Norasikin Daineh

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