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Monday, October 15, 2018

Ulikely Shafie unaware of massive IMM13 exercise

KOTA KINABALU - Shafie Apdal’s claim that he is not aware of the revival of the issuance of IMM13 documents is an unlikely story.

It seems that Shafie is making the Federal Immigration Department a scapegoat by conveniently pushing the blame on them.

As head of the State Security Council, he should have been briefed on such a major operation as the reissuance of IMM13.

Does the Immigration Department under Federal does not recognize the significance of his role?

The lmmigration Department should know their line of responsibility and standard operating procedure.

By convention, they never mount such a massive exercise involving illegal immigrants without consulting the State Government.

The granting  of IMM13 documents was discontinued in 2013 because it was subject to abuse.

Why was it suddenly revived few days ago allegedly without the State Government’s knowledge?

The original objective of issuing IMM13 between 1972 and 1984 was to give safe passage to political refugees who fled the war in southern Philippines.

That war is long over and hence the issuance of such a document is no longer relevant.

The justification that the reissuance of the IMM13 documents was for the children of refugees also does not hold water.

Based on the video that went viral in the social media, a majority of those in the crowd that thronged Wisma Dan Bandang were adults, some well into their 40’s and 50’s.

Due to the huge outcry by Sabahans, the exercise mounted 2 days ago was immediately stopped.

Obviously Sabahans feel that the revival of the issuance of IMM13 to foreigners is a threat to the state security and possibly undermine the sovereignty of the nation.

As we are dealing with foreigners, the proper recourse is for the government get the Embassies of their home countries to issue documents for their stay and not IMM13 from the Malaysian Immigration.

If Shafie’s claims of not being aware of the exercise are true, then both the Director of State & Federal Immigration should resigned.

They are not fit to be there because their actions have created distrust of the Federal Government.

Secondly, why is the Deputy Minister  of Home Affairs and Warisan Wira Chief, Ajis Jamman not aware of this exercise?

Afterall the Immigration Department  is under his Ministry. If he too claims to be unaware, then he too should quit.

It is high time that the relevant authorities come clean on a matter that involves the security of the people.

Within six months of the Warisan-led govt, we are seeing actions that are making even those who voted for party to think twice as their true colours are becoming apparent.

Sabahans are begining to feel uneasy.

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