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Thursday, April 25, 2019

SAPP: Be considerate and proactive on water consumers' plight

KOTA KINABALU - The State Water Department should be more considerate and proactive towards the plight of water consumers, especially in the event of an abrupt unscheduled water supply shut down, due to unforeseen circumstances.

This includes dispatching of water tankers to supply water to the affected areas, to ease the people’s suffering.

Urging this was SAPP vice president, Gee Tien Siong following received of numerous complaints from business operators and residents in the city, over abrupt water supply disruption since last weekend, following a burst in the Water Department’s main pipe in Likas area. The affected areas included Likas, Inanam and Kolombong.

“The said water supply disruption has caused great inconveniences and sufferings to more than 20,000 water consumers. I was also told that many coffee shops and restaurants had to temporarily cease doing business. Just imagine the great financial loss incurred to them when they are already struggling to stay afloat in the ongoing economic downturn.

“Since the Water Department had found out about the burst to its main pipe three days ago, it should have made preparation to send water tankers to the affected areas to attend to the plight of its consumers, instead of just posting an emergency water disruption notice on its Facebook page, much later, which inevitably put the water consumers in a fix,” said Gee.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, Gee thus urged the Chief Minister to immediately call up the State Water Department Director, and advise him to be more attentive, considerate and proactive towards the plight of the water consumers.

“The present Warisan-led State government must strive to improve its delivery system, especially when comes to deal with such a fundamental and essential services like water and power supply. Otherwise, no right-thinking investors would want to take the risk to come and invest in Sabah,” Gee pointed out.

The State government must always strive to place the people’s interest and wellbeing first, by putting in place effective contingency plans to deal with unexpected situations, he added.

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