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Friday, March 8, 2013

"Beras Nasional" not for lower income?

SIPITANG - The authority failed the people and the country in as far as to act fairly to ease the burden of lower income groups of our society according to Sabah Progressive Party in reference to distribution of Beras Nasional in Sabah.

In as far as  that Beras Nasional is concerned it targeted for the lower income group, in other words, not for the rich which price is far below any other brands, currently at retail shops priced RM17.00 per packet of ten kilos.

"We're being exploited, it's the taukeys, mamaks (restaurants) the companies, especially those doing timber work in the interior" said Aminah Bungsu of Kampung Merintaman

Sipitang people are furious why that rice is not available for general  public? There is an agent (distributor) according to the people here the sole  distributor, but would rather sell to the group of people.

According to local Sipitang people price shooting up rocket high RM30 per kilo. That shows some are benefiting by manipulating the system, lots of Ali Baba.

SAPP Government would study the best mechanism  especially the handling agencies which do not seem to be functioning to assist people but rather benefits in scrupulous people, said Amde.


  1. Rakyat inginkan kerajaan bagi bantuan@subsidi tapi bila diberi, rakyat sendiri pula buat masalah.

  2. pemberian subsidi tidak kena pada sasaran kerana ada pihak yang sering ambil kesempatan.

  3. Subsidi yang tidak terkawal cuma membebankanb kerajaan sahaja.

  4. Kerajaan memberi teramat banyak subsidi, ini cuma mengakibatkan rakyat lebih mengharapkan kerajaan.

  5. Banyak yang mencari kesempatan untuk mendapatkan keuntungan diantaranya.

  6. Kepada yang berpendapatan rendah, bantuan ini amat bermakna.

  7. Pastikan pihak yang berkelayakan yang akan diberi bantuan ini.

  8. Pantau kedai kedai spy tidak menyalahguna subsidi ini,pastikan sampai kepada yang disasarkan,periksa restoren restoren,pastikan setiap bpembelian tdk melebihi 3 x 10 kg beras nasional sahaja,tau jual beras ni di kedai kedai 1malaysia sahja dengan lengkap pemantauan rapi pihak berwajib..apa macam rakyat setuju ka ?............