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Friday, March 1, 2013

Shooting, deaths reported at Lahad Datu siege

(UPDATED @ 02:18:05 PM 01-03-2013)KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysian security forces have exchanged gunfire with the armed Filipino rebel group occupying a village near Lahad Datu, leading to fatalities, the Philippine media reported today.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer’s website quoted a Sabah radio station reporter as saying that he heard heavy firing after 10 am today, but did not name the reporter.

The website also quoted some villagers as witnessing bodies being removed, adding that Malaysian authorities have declined comment at press time.

About 180 Filipino rebels, including 30 gunmen, invaded Sabah on February 9 and have refused to leave, despite pleas from the Malaysian and Philippine governments.

A son of rebel group leader Agbimuddin Kiram reportedly said today that it was the Malaysian army, backed by the police, who opened fire.

Broadcaster Solar News Channel’s online news site also reported that both sides have suffered fatalities.

Agbimuddin’s family denied that Agbimuddin, who is the brother of self-proclaimed Sulu Sultan Jamallul Kiram III, was arrested by the Malaysian authorities, according to Solar News.

Jamallul reportedly said the rebels would not retreat despite the assault.

Residents in Lahad Datu told The Malaysian Insider that business owners were closing shops near the town and on the outskirts while parents were picking up their children from schools.

SAPP chief Datuk Yong Teck Lee tweeted that MAS has suspended flights to Lahad Datu.

He said several military flights landed this morning, according to locals.

The Philippines’ Department of Foreign Affairs spokesman Raul Hernandez was quoted by Solar News as saying that shooting has stopped as of noon.

The Filipino invaders declared yesterday that they would never surrender and were willing to die in Sabah.

The armed group, suspected of being a faction of a Philippine Muslim rebel group, claims to belong to the “royal army” of the Sulu sultanate.

The bizarre drama had threatened to stir tension between the Southeast Asian neighbours whose ties have been periodically frayed by security and migration problems caused by a porous sea border.

News wire Reuters had reported that Malaysia pays a token sum to the Sultanate of Sulu each year for the “rental” of Sabah — an arrangement that stretches back to British colonial times.

In 2000, a group of militants from the southern Philippines kidnapped 21 tourists from the Sabah diving resort of Sipadan.

In 1985, 11 people were killed when gunmen, believed to be from the southern Philippines, entered Lahad Datu, shooting at random before robbing the local branch of Standard Chartered Bank.


  1. Police ready to take action any time – CP

    LAHAD DATU: Police say they ready to take action but would wait for an appropriate time to do it.

    State Police Commissioner, Datuk Hamza Taib, yesterday said that they have to take certain measures and consider all possibilities including a closer study of the areas.

    He said the police are aware of the number of the armed group members and have sufficient weapons to deal with them.

    However, he said, the security forces are still giving them an opportunity to surrender peacefully as the lives of the security forces are more important.

    “We will try to avoid any bloodshed but if the armed group forces us to act, we will take appropriate action.

    “If possible, we would like to arrest them and take action in accordance with the law against them, but if they force us to act, we will take approprate action,” Hamza said in a press conference, accompanied by State Crime Investigation Chief, SAC Omar Mammah.

    Hamza said that the police are not setting any dateline on solving this issue but will be taking action soon.

    “We believe they have received our flyers urging them to surrender peacefully and that we will take legal action against them. But so far we have not received any response from the group,” said Hamza.

    He reiterated that the police are still very much in charge of this issue as it involves internal security, but said they were also working together with the army and other security forces.

    He said the security forces are not under any pressure regarding this incident from the ministry.

    Meanwhile, Hamza confirmed that security forces heard gunshots from the armed Filipino group.

    “Yesterday (Wednesday), we heard gunshots from the armed Filipino group but we are always ready for any eventuality,” he said.

    Hamza stressed that their objective was clear and that was to maintain the current situation until further instruction from the higher authorities.

    The revelation by Hamza confirmed an online news portal which had reported that the armed intruders fired their guns to warn off the Malaysian security forces.

    1. The Malaysian police are sooooo fucking stupid n so reactive. Wait for fucking what? They are chickens!!!

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