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Monday, March 4, 2013

Some intruders escape from Kg Tandou

Residents of Tanjung Batu and Tanjung Labian have deserted their villagers in droves after the locals claimed that intruders holed up in neighbouring Kampung Tanduo have breached the security forces’ perimeter.

Local villager Gabril Asakil, 48, said some 50 intruders have occupied their village in Tanjung Batu for resources.

“We stay outside at night for security and only come back here in the morning.

“When we arrived in the morning, we found that they had already occupied our village, so we decided to leave,” he said.

Gabril said he was certain those who have taken over their village are the intruders from Kampung Tanduo as this was confirmed by the remaining villagers who were not able to escape.

“The intruders sent out two of our villagers to buy food for them, but of course they ran away.

“They told us these people were indeed the intruders from Kampung Tanduo,” he said.

Earlier reports claimed that police had entered the area as there were sighting of intruders here.

However, the remaining villagers, mostly youths who were standing watch from the sidelines, confirmed that they were not new intruders but were from Kampung Tanduo.

Hours ago, inspector-general of police Ismail Omar confirmed that there were reports of sightings here, and that the police were in the process of verification.

Nigel Aw


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