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Monday, January 11, 2016

Even 'Orang Kampung' can recognise a thief, warns Anina

Former Umno member says those in the rural areas are smart enough to see that 1MDB has sold the people’s national treasures to foreign entities.

PETALING JAYA - “Orang kampung”(village folk) are not stupid, they can differentiate between a businessman and a thief, says former Umno Langkawi member Anina Saadudin.

She said Prime Minister Najib Razak should not underestimate those living in rural areas by assuming they are an uneducated lot who do not know when lies are being told to their faces.

Referring to the so-called rationalisation plan of 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), Anina said, “He (Najib) may have thought that the complicated business terms he used to explain the rationalisation plan will make it look grand and more impressive, especially to the villagers.

“But don’t think they (village folk) are unable to see what 1MDB has really done, which was to sell the people’s national treasures to foreign entities,” she told FMT.

She cautioned that just because the people were not taking to the streets, did not mean they are not angry with the prime minister’s actions.

She added that they were smart enough to take Najib’s financial aid, but would show him how they truly felt at the ballot box.

“They will take the BR1M that Najib gives, but if the Barisan Nasional does not change (its ways), wait and see what they will give back to the government in the next general election.”

1MDB chief Arul Kanda Kandasamy had on December 31 said that the state-owned investment firm was now in the clear after having fulfilled all three steps of its rationalisation plan.

Among the accomplishments that had contributed to this success, said Arul, was the sale of Edra Global Energy Bhd to China Nuclear Power Corporation and a 60 per cent stake in Bandar Malaysia to the IWH-CREC consortium, that is 40 per cent owned by China Railway Engineering Corporation.

Najib was reported to have lauded this success, saying that all 1MDB’s troubles had been resolved with the signing of the various sales and purchase agreements.

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