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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Tanduo trial: Accused claims offer of job and IC

KOTA KINABALU - The High Court here yesterday heard that an accused in the Lahad Datu intrusion trial thought that the Malaysian Government had welcomed them to Sabah to get jobs and identity cards (IC).

Atik Hussin Abu Bakar, 45, who was testifying before Justice Stephen Chung, said that one Hj Musa went to his village at Toungu, Sibutu Island, Philippines saying that whoever wanted an IC and a job can join him and when they arrived at Kampung Tanduo, a negotiation took place and he believed that they went there because they were invited by the Government of Malaysia.

Under examination-in-chief by Philippines Government-assigned counsel Datuk N. Sivananthan, the accused testified that there was nothing wrong for him to take pictures with the Malaysian authority, who went there to negotiate as the situation was peaceful and not chaotic.

“I don’t think I’m doing wrong because they came for negotiation,” said the accused, who worked as a fisherman.

Sivananthan: What did you understand was agreed during the negotiations?

Accused: I heard from my friends that Agbimuddin was asked to go back by Tuan Zul, later on they can discuss the matter in the Philippines.

Sivananthan: After you heard that, what did you do?

Accused: I did nothing, after that there was a paper thrown off from a helicopter. In the paper was written ‘Dan Gumuwa’.

The accused explained that he put the paper in a black plastic and hid it and by that time, he knew that the promises to him were lies.

“Whatever promises by Haji Musa were lies and at that time, I was thinking the paper was my ticket to run away. I mean I wanted to get away using the paper,” the accused recalled.

The accused also said that they started their journey to Sabah for jobs and IC promised by Hj Musa on February 2013 using a big boat from Simunul Island boarded at 7pm and reached Kampung Tanduo at night.

The trial, held at a hall doubled as an open court at the Kepayan prisons here under tight security checks by police and prison personnel will continue on March 7 for defence trial..

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