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Monday, June 27, 2016

Heartwarming picture of hardworking 7-year-old girl pedalling tricyle for her family to earn a living

In light of millions of children deemed the “left-behind generation” in China, an image of a young girl who suffers through daily hardship has emerged viral.

Like many young ones in poor cities whose job seeking parents have left them behind to work in big cities, a seven-year-old girl named Yang Yang was pictured cycling up a hill helping her grandfather sell fruit.

Knowing her grandfather is unwell and frail, she pedals the tricycle for her grandfather all the way back home.

As she has almost reached the top of the slope, her grandfather at the back was pushing hard, encouraging her to push her tired legs and “keep going!”.

According to CCTV News Yang Yang lives with her grandparents in southwest China’s Yongchuan district, on the outskirts of Chongqing. Her parents got divorced when she was three and left her behind.

Her grandfather admits she became a little shy and antisocial after the absence of parents.

Throughout the years, she has lived in difficult circumstances like walking half an hour to get home from school to save money, as well as helping her grandparents at the fruit stall after finishing school every day.

“She helps her grandparents weigh up fruit, calculate the price and collect cash at their stall,” according to the Chongqing Morning Post.

The report further states the three-member family live on a 405 yuan (RM249) monthly subsidy from the government and a slender income of 600 yuan (RM370) per month from selling fruit.

Yang Yang’s determination has gotten the attention of netizens on Sina Weibo, with many users praising the little girl.

“Good girl! She has learned to shoulder the burden of life at such a young age!,”shuimosanjiang said.

While user qingfengnvyinong wrote: “A tough childhood has made her so independent, thumbs up for her.”

The All-China Women’s Federation estimates that there are 61 million “left behind children”, with some even left on their own devices.

The government admits the problem is urgent and announced a nationwide new legislation of the plight earlier this year, to save these children from having to live in difficult circumstances.

 Hope this serves as a reminder to us all to be grateful for all that we have, as in the words of author Jeff Dixon, “Sometimes we focus so much on what we don't have that we fail to see, appreciate, and use what we do have!”.


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