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Friday, June 24, 2016

Pahang Mufti’s hate remarks can lead to violence

PETALING JAYA - A state mufti’s remarks that working with DAP, the “kafir harbi” and other non-Muslim infidels is a “huge sin” is highly irresponsible and may lead to violence, MCA’s Ti Lian Ker said today.

The MCA Religious Harmony Bureau chief said it was highly “unbecoming” of the revered mufti of a state (Pahang Mufti Abdul Rahman Osman) to increase confusion about Islam and its fine teachings.

“At a time when police are facing threats by IS (Islamic State), simplistic branding or politicking should not be the realm of muftis, whose office has heavy responsibility.

“The mufti ought to realise that any statement made by his office has far-reaching consequences.

“His statement is more political than religious. This is the problem when the ulama confuse themselves and cross the line of politicking by using religious authority,” Ti said in a statement today.

He stressed that Malaysia was not a country at war and that it was a peaceful harmonious democratic nation.

“If PAS can label Umno as kafir and the mufti labels DAP as ‘kafir harbi’, then we are a lost nation.
“We should have a law to control, contain or check such seditious statements.

“At a time when the police have been targeted by IS , it is highly irresponsible for the mufti to add fuel or confusion among possible wayward followers by implying that anyone’s blood is holy or can be spilled.

“This is scary. This can lead to ‘frenzy killing’. This is a threat to security.”

Ti reminded the people that Islam preached peace.

“Islam is about tolerance. Islam emphasises not on violence or the spilling of someone’s blood in Malaysia.

“The mufti must be more mindful and taken to task for his statement. He cannot be invincible,” said Ti.
Meanwhile, Amanah adviser Ahmad Awang shared Ti’s sentiments, saying that Rahman’s remarks were “personal accusations”.

“Those are his (Rahman’s) personal opinion, not fatwa. He’s just being political.

“He does not understand the truth. If he wants to release a fatwa, he needs to call experts and professionals to really study DAP to label it as ‘kafir harbi’.

“Why didn’t he call out MCA or Gerakan? They are also Chinese-majority parties and against hudud. Why only DAP?

“If he wants to release fatwa statements without following procedures, stop being a mufti,” Ahmad said.

Prior to this, Penang Exco Abdul Malik Abul Kassim, from PKR, also condemned Rahman’s statements, saying that they were “regrettable and unbecoming of a religious leader”, adding that muftis must take care of their “tatasulila” (code of ethics) and boundaries.

In an article in Utusan Online, titled “DAP tergolong kafir harbi ajar ditentang” (“Infidel, non-Muslim DAP must be fought”) yesterday, Rahman said it was a “big sin” to be in cahoots and working hand in hand with DAP.

He said the “hate politics” practised by DAP was worrying and could cause chaos in the country.
Rahman also fingered former Premier Dr Mahathir Mohammad to “leave DAP” and fall back on the righteous path.

Meanwhile, DAP’s Zairil Khir Johari said Rahman, as an ulama, should teach people to do good and forbid the bad.

“As the Pahang Mufti, Rahman has not voiced out against the bauxite contamination and the massive deforestation in Cameron Highlands, although it’s clear that these scandals were caused by the corruption and greed of the leaders.

“Instead, he is encouraging violence through his dangerous claims, which are politically motivated,” the Bukit Bendera MP said in a statement.

He asked whether Rahman was willing to be held responsible if any untoward incident befell DAP leaders, following his statement.

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