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Friday, July 29, 2016

Two MACC deputy commissioners forced to leave?

Banners have appeared announcing the farewell ceremony for two deputies of MACC head Abu Kassim, who stands down as chief commissioner on Aug 1.

KUALA LUMPUR - All may not be well at the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission following its investigations into 1MDB.

Abu Kassim Mohamed is scheduled to leave as chief commissioner on Aug 1, although he will retire only on Dec 20, 2020. Till then, he will serve as an anti-corruption service officer.

It was reported that he was not forced to quit as head of MACC and that he was doing it on his own free will.

Today, news emerges that his two deputies may also leave the MACC.

According to the Malay Mail Online, banners announcing the farewell ceremony of deputy chief commissioners Mustafar Ali (prevention) and Shukri Abdull (operations) have been placed outside the Putrajaya MACC headquarters.

But there has been no announcement about their imminent exit from the MACC.

Abu Kassim’s farewell ceremony has been scheduled for this evening, and according to the banners, the ceremony will also be for his two deputies.

These developments come in the wake of speculation that a senior official at the Attorney-General’s Chambers, Dzulkifli Ahmad, is set to take over as MACC head.

Abu Kassim’s departure, and speculation that his deputies will quit or be transferred, follows investigations carried out by the MACC leadership on 1MDB and its transactions.

The MACC had also looked into where the RM2.6 billion in Prime Minister Najib Razak’s private accounts originated.

A source told Malay Mail Online that Mustafar would be making a decision today about whether to leave the MACC.

There is speculation, the report said, that Mustafar would be transferred to the Immigration Department but that this could not be immediately verified.

Shukri told Malay Mail Online on Thursday that he had not been in his office since last Monday as he was attending a course “till l retire coming October”.

Earlier, as it was investigating 1MDB and its related subsidiaries, police carried out raids on the MACC and arrested several officials.

Two MACC directors were briefly transferred out of the agency before public outrage led to their reinstatement.

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