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Friday, September 2, 2016

Recording of UFO sighting in Kuala Krai, true or false

Yesterday, a video recording showing an unidentified flying object up close against a tropical backdrop caused momentary panic with netizens asking whether a video that shows an unidentified object flying over a place said to be Kelantan is real or doctored.

The confusion arose as the video uploaded online had been credited to an established government linked news agency.

The one minute and 25 second video was falsely attributed as being produced by the Malaysian National News Agency (Bernama), Bernama reports on the viral video incident.

From the footage, it appears that residents in Kuala Krai in Kelantan were shocked by the UFO's appearance near Cembong Batu Nang Centre with villagers claiming to have seen the UFO for several minutes before the object disappeared.

Voices can be overheard in the recording conversing in Bahasa Malaysia, expressing disbelief bordering on panic as the large circular shadow looms over a night sky dotted with coconut trees and thatched roofs in a beachside location at close range.

The police have since issued a public statement calling on Malaysians to not panic over the fake viral news about the UFO sighting.

Kuala Krai police chief Supt Abdullah Roning said no report was lodged over the alleged UFO sighting, Bernama reports.

“The video was circulated by certain parties,” Supt Abdullah told reporters.

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