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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Police nabbed 10 traitors who leaked Sabah security secrets

KUALA LUMPUR - More than 10 people in east coast Sabah have been arrested for allegedly leaking classified intelligence on security operations to enemies of the state.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said the individuals were arrested in an ongoing operation to nab informants who were believed to have leaked the information to kidnap-for-ransom (KFR) groups, such as Abu Sayyaf.

He said the operation was carried out by the authorities in Sabah and the Eastern Sabah Security Command (Esscom).

“Those arrested were civilians, residents of Sabah and individuals from southern Philippines. We will continue to identify these informants and act against them,” he said, adding that the involvement of security officers could not be ruled out.

He said those arrested will be investigated under the Immigration Act, Penal Code and the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act (Sosma) 2012. He also added that the authorities in Malaysia and the Philippines were constantly monitoring movements between the two countries.

“We will stay alert to prevent elements of Abu Sayyaf and other KFR groups from slipping into the country. We know that they have many informants here. These informants help them once they slip into the country. We will always be ready,” he told reporters after the handing-over-of-duties between outgoing Bukit Aman Strategic Source and Technology Department director Comm Datuk Seri Fatimah Ghazali and her successor Comm Datuk Abd Manan Mhd Hassan.

Comm Fatimah is retiring after serving 29 years in the police force.

Khalid also said that stern action would be taken against individuals exploiting the police to gain political mileage.

He said those guilty of lodging politically motivated reports will be subject to action under Section 182 of the Penal Code for making a false police report.

“After observing an increase in the trend of lodging police reports, we decided that anyone found using the police for their own political benefits will be penalised under Section 182,” he added.

Khalid denied allegations that the police practised double-standards when investigating reports.

“There are those who want to politicise the matter to gain political mileage. I’ve said it many times before. We will take action against those who break the law. Sometimes you don’t even have to make a report; we will take action whenever the law is violated.

“It is standard operating procedure for us to investigate every report we receive,” he added.

On another matter, Khalid said police will investigate the organisers of both the Red Shirts and Bersih rallies for violating the Peaceful Assembly Act.

He said both parties had violated the law by failing to notify the police about their gatherings which were held in several locations nationwide last weekend.

“They did not submit a notice before the rallies, yet they expect police to give them protection.

The convoys will only disrupt traffic flow. What’s so difficult about notifying us in advance about the gatherings?” he asked.

The IGP said police were investigating a report lodged by Red Shirts leader Datuk Jamal Md Yunos, who alleged that Bersih 2.0 has been infiltrated by the Islamic State militant group.

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