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Monday, May 15, 2017

Mahathir and Sabah's Changing Political Landscape – Dr. Jeffrey

KOTA KINABALU - “At a glance,, Sabah’s politics and political landscape appears complicated with the return of former PM Mahathir to active politics to helm the national opposition while putting  newly minted Warisan, as proxy, to take on Sabah and pitting local opposition coalition, United Sabah Alliance (USA), into temporary disarray with the controversial but expected withdrawal of PCS from the coalition.”

Complicated?   No, not really responded Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, President of Parti Solidarity Tanah Airku, who is also the Assemblyman for Bingkor, Sabah.

“Simply put, it is all about “Agenda Malaya” vs “Agenda Borneo” said Dr. Jeffrey.

Umno and Mahathir carry the “Agenda Malaya” on their shoulders, and other Malayan-based political parties wishing to take over power from the current Umno-BN regime, also carry the “Agenda Malaya” so that they can continue to lord over the Borneo States and exploit them as vassal States.

On the other hand, local-based opposition parties, united under the USA or Gabungan Sabah, carry the “Agenda Borneo” of defending their rights, autonomy, sovereignty and their right to self-determination.

Najib’s Umno and Mahathir’s PPBM is nothing more than the flip side of the same coin.  If Najib wins, it will be a continuation of the past 54 years of exploitation of Sabah.   If Mahathir’s team with Warisan wins, it would be back to Mahathir’s Umno and Sabahans do not want that to happen.

We also do not want the Malayan political problems and their race and religion politics to spill over to the Borneo States that is why the Borneo States are retreating into a defensive mode with the “Sabah for Sabahans” and “Sarawak for Sarawakians” battle-cry.

All opposition political parties and local leaders, including even those in the government seem to concur on this point – whether genuine or not – this, “Sabah for Sabahans and restoration of Sabah rights”, is the “in-thing” now.

Even Najib’s Umno seems to be responding to the persistent demands for the restoration and implementation/fulfilment of the rights of the Borneo States enshrined in the MA63, 20-18 Points, Batu Sumpah Oath Stone and the Federal Constitution.

So Sabahan leaders and local opposition parties especially the USA must capitalize on this point.   But beyond that, USA must offer a better manifesto and better future for Sabahans.

As for Warisan, it is nothing more than a proxy of Mahathir’s Umno Team B, under PBBM, and must be seen as that carrying the “Agenda Malaya” as its ultimate objective.

PCS is a victim of Warisan’s political ploy and will have to face the consequences.  PCS’ plan for a Grand Alliance will not work as this will compromise the Sabah for Sabahans strategy and has so far received little interest either by Warisan, who wants to go it alone, nor PKR/PH.

We in USA do not go by the slogan “win at all cost” favoured by PCS and their actions.   We have our political principle as the true “Pejuang Hak Sabah”.   Of course, we want to win and throw out the current regime but winning isn’t everything – it is just the first step towards achieving your objectives.

We also want to change the Umno-BN government but it must be a change for the better, not worse.   Certainly, USA and STAR wants the best for Sabah and a bright and better future for all Sabahans.

As there is no 100% guarantee of winning or losing, one must be prepared for the worst while doing one’s best to win.    All in, USA with its “Agenda Borneo” is still the better choice for Sabahans in the forthcoming elections, not Najib’s Umno not Mahathir’s Umno and their proxies.

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