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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Frog Culture Deja vu in GE14?

KOTA KINABALU - A “frog” culture prevails in Sabah DAP that has seen its elected representatives and members switching political allegiances easily.

DAP’s elected representatives and election candidates have proven to be susceptible to the “frogging” culture.

These frogs switch parties without any conscience, disregarding the wishes of the voters who elected them. Nothing they say can ever justify their actions.

DAP elected representatives who had switched parties include Hiew King Cheu of Luyang who crossed over to MCA, Junz Wong of Likas who went to Parti Warisan and Edwin Bosi who left for Parti Anak Negeri.

The DAP candidate for Elopura in the 2013 polls George Hiew had also quit the party for Warisan as well.

And now the DAP candidate for Putatan Dr Lee Han Kyun has been reported to be the Barisan choice for Kota Kinabalu.

To many people, Sabah DAP is nothing more than a pond of frogs and the question is not if but when are they going to jump.

This was probably the reason Sabah DAP chief Stephen Wong dare not get the party’s candidates to take a loyalty oath as they had done in the 2013 election.

I remember all Sabah DAP candidates took an oath of allegiance before party supremo Lim Kit Siang then.

If that was not enough, each of the candidates also pledged to pay RM5 mil if they jumped ship. This was widely publicised.

Now that they have quit DAP, have they fulfilled this promise? If so, how was the money paid?

DAP’s tactic of urging voters to make them choose the party’s symbol and not look at the qualities of the candidates.

This is because DAP candidates have no credibility, discipline and conscience. They are plucked from the air and chosen at the whims and fancy of their masters.

Comment by Gee ST

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