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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Gabungan Sabah: We Are Ready to Takeover

KOTA KINABALU - “PRU-14 for Sabahans will not be about saving Najib from his alleged scandals or about saving Dr. Mahathir to take action on the scandals, it will be more crucial than that.  For Sabahans, it will all be about SAVING SABAH RIGHTS AND ELECTING A STRONG SABAH GOVERNMENT NOT SUBSERVIENT TO POLITICAL MASTERS IN KUALA LUMPUR TO IMPLEMENT THEM” said Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, President of Parti Solidariti Tanah Airku in his winding-up message before polling day on 9th May.

Jeffrey added that Gabungan Sabah is ready to takeover as the next Sabah government and have all plans and policies lined up to be a STRONG SABAH GOVERNMENT AND TO IMPLEMENT SABAH RIGHTS AND DEVELOP SABAH INTO A PROSPEROUS INTERNATIONAL HUB.

GS Chairman, Datuk Dr. Mohd Noor Mansoor said that only a strong and autonomous Sabah government will be able to stand up to the federal government in Putrajaya and implement the Sabah rights which have been largely eroded and denied for the past 54 years.

SAPP’s Datuk Yong Teck Lee stressed that GS is committed to reclaiming and implementing whatever is due to Sabah under the Federal Constitution and whatever was agreed upon in the formation of Malaysia as a federation in 1963.

“We will not take whatever is not ours and we will not take anything from the other States.  Just take whatever is due to Sabah as it is ours, nothing more nothing less” added Yong.

“We will take the 40% net revenue entitlement which amounts to billions of Ringgit every year and develop Sabah into a modern progressive and prosperous nation.  We will determine our own future and not rely on outsiders who do not know the actual situation in Sabah” added Datuk Lajim, President of Harapan Rakyat.

Lajim also added that with GS as the new Sabah government, a new and prosperous Sabah with Sabahans benefiting from the development, will emerge in 5 years’ time.

Meanwhile, PPRS President, Datuk Mohd. Arshad Abdul Mualaf reiterated that GS are committed to reforms and restore Sabah as an equal partner in Malaysia and ensure that the rights of Sabah are implemented.

Dr. Jeffrey said that it is obvious that the BN government has failed to implement the 40% net revenue and failed to return what is constitutionally due to Sabah since 1974.  To make matters worse, the moneys were taken by the federal government to develop Malaya while little is done to develop Sabah.  As a result, Sabah is undeveloped and the poorest in Malaya despite being the 5th biggest contributor to the Malaysian economy.

“On polling day, Sabahans will have to choose whether to save Najib or save Mahathir or choose to save Sabah and elect the GS as the new and strong Sabah government to takeback what are Sabah Rights including its revenues.  By taking back Sabah and its revenues, Sabahans will be able to decide what they want and chart their own future and destiny and decide on its own development without having to rely on outsiders in the federal government to decide for them without knowing what Sabahans want,” reminded Dr. Jeffrey.

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