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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Woman falls to death from sixth floor

KOTA KINABALU - A 39-year-old former teacher from Sarawak fell to her death from the sixth floor of the Centre Point Shopping Complex, here, Sunday.

 Suzan Seah, from Limbang, was found sprawled on the walkway of the premises facing Kampung Air. She was clad in shorts, a T-shirt and sports shoe.

 Closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage showed her parking her car on the sixth floor at 7.32pm.

She was seen walking towards the entrance before appearing at the parking lot again at about 7.41pm. She was then seen entering her car where she stayed until 8.58pm before alighting, this time without her handbag.

At about 9.30pm, as the security guard was about to close shopping mall’s shutters on the lower ground, he heard a loud sound only to discover the woman lying in a pool of blood on the pavement.

 She is believed to have a daughter.

 Meanwhile, a teacher at SK Klias Baru in Beaufort, Aman Safari, 46, on Monday, said the woman was a former colleague who taught English in 2016.

He said he and several workmates went to her house to check on her, only to find the premises locked.

 City Police Chief ACP Habibi Majinji confirmed the incident.

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  1. she was my FB friend. Our friendship was brief but it was like we known each other a century. Full of joy and wit but very opinionated on issues she was passionate of such as exposing scams and saving stray animals. Missing you everyday Susan!