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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Bullies ram boy's private part to a pole

PETALING JAYA - Bullies have taken their technique to another level with the emergence of a viral Facebook video showing a group of youngsters force ramming a boy’s private part to a pole.

The 11-second video shows a group of five culprits forcefully lifting the victim and placing his legs between a pole, before pulling and pushing the victim’s private part against the pole continuously.

The culprits incessantly ram the private part to the pole six times, and cries of “sakit” (painful) could be heard from the victim throughout the agonising ordeal.

The clip was shared by a Facebook user Ryyan Hidayat and has since garnered more than 195,000 views and around 3,000 shares.

Caption that followed the video alleged that the incident involved secondary school pupils in Klang.

However, the source of the video could not be confirmed at press time.

The perpetrators in the video were not seen donning any school uniform, but seem to be around the age of an adolescent.

Many of netizens in the comment condemned the brutal act, calling it immoral and uncivilised.

A user, Amirul Haqikii, said that the act was far from bullying but more of a torture.

Another user Faren Bourhan stated: “Today’s children are really stupid. What would happen if the boy broke his backbone from the impact to the pole?”.

- The Sun Daily

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