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Saturday, April 20, 2019

RM5.2 billion for railway but no money for skybridge

KOTA KINABALU - The government is so eager to spend RM5.2 billion to extend the railway to Kudat but they cannot even get RM2 million to complete the Kota Kinabalu skybridge which was has been abandoned.

Chin Vui Kai, SAPP Information Chief, said the Api Api Assemblywoman who is also a Deputy Chief Minister of Sabah cum Tourism Minister in the Sabah cabinet, never uttered a word about the uncompleted pedestrian overpass. 

With the ‘hardworking’ Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament whose party chief holds the Federal Finance portfolio and other Pakatan Harapan leaders also holding many important positions in both the federal and state governments, yet they cannot resolve the skybridge hanging in limbo. 

Chin said that if Datuk Yee Moh Chai, former Api-Api Assemblyman, were holding such position as DCM, the overhead bridge project would have been easily resolved and KK citizens already utilizing and enjoying this air-conditioned skybridge. 

He said that the current government cannot even solve the 350-meter length overhead footbridge, what more the proposed KK-Kudat 175-kilometer railway plan.

"We urge the government to be pragmatic in solving the problems facing the people, instead of spending time on imaginary plans and projects which are unachievable,” Chin said.

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