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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sabah BN shamed over Wong’s ‘nativity’ issue

Its been a year since Sabah formed a special commission to investigate the "native" status of Sri Tanjung Assemblyman Jimmy Wong (DAP), but todate nothing has happened.

TAWAU: The tussle between opposition assemblyman Jimmy Wong and the state government over his ‘bumiputera’ status appears to have reached a stalemate with the state government reluctant or unable to move the prickly issue forward.

“They are fighting a losing battle. They will have to take me to court if they want to disqualify my bumiputera-status,” Wong, who is a Sino-Kadazan, told FMT recently.

When the issue was first raised by Sabah Umno assemblymen in 2009, Wong, who is Sri Tanjung assemblyman, described it as a waste of time and public funds and indeed it has turned out as such.

“Of course they went and put me under a commission of inquiry. They set up a special commission just to investigate this.

“I sent my Native Certificate (‘Sijil Anak Negeri’) and then they called me for an interview and asked me how I got the certificate.

“I told them: how would I know? I said (to the special commission) you should ask my mother as she was the one who witnessed everything.

“I mean she testified in front of seven native chiefs, not one or two, and that was 30 years ago. One chief is still alive.

“I told them (the commission); Why don’t you go ask him?” said Wong.

Wong said what was most important to him was the authencity of his nativity certificate.

“I was more concerned about the document. I asked (the commission) if my certificate was genuine or false or duplicated?

“He (commission chairman) said it’s genuine.

“Then I told him if genuine you better send it back to me or otherwise you take me to court,” he said.

No case

In the end the commission chairman agreed to return Wong his certificate which was deemed to be genuine.

But when the matter was invoked again in the state assembly by Sekong assemblyman Samsudin Yahya, who asked as to the outcome of the investigation, Local Government and Housing Minister Hajiji Haji Noor declared that Wong was not qualified to hold the ceritificate.

Hajiji’s ministry also overseas all matter pertaining to the interpretation of the native laws as well as native courts.

“This time when Samsudin asked about my certificate again, I fired him back. I was not going to be bullied.

“I asked him if it was true he was born in the Philippines and he had got his IC through the Project IC (an alleged project whereby thousands of illegal immigrants were granted citizenship despite not qualifying for it).

“That shook him. He (Samsudin) immediately claimed that he is a relative of the TYT (Head of State) but that is not the point.

“Why does he hide behind the TYT?

“I said (to the assembly that) the PTI (the Bahasa Malaysian acronym for new immigrants) have already entered into the Dewan through Project IC,” Wong said.

Declaring himself a ‘genuine Sabahan’ Wong said if taken to court, he would win.

“What are they (Hajiji and Samsudin) talking about?

“I am a genuine Sabahan and I was born and raised here in a kampung in Kota Marudu in the Kadazan community.

“This (issue) is settled already. Nobody can touch me. They want to go to court, go lah,” he said.

1982 status valid

Since the last assembly sitting however, no further action has been initiated by the ruling government.
Wong, on his part, is still waiting.

He said the current rule was that any declaration of bumi status made before 1982 was valid.

“The Syed Kecik case is a landmark case. And the rule is that in any bumi issue before 1982 are all (declared) valid.

“No court can interfere. Only after a certain period then the High Court can entertain.

“But if the decision by the Native Court is conclusive then no one can argue,” he said.


  1. UMNO Shamsuddin Yahya is an Illegal Immigrants born in Filipine and came to Sabah to work as a Taxi driver. He got his MYKAD from project M.

    Why an Illegal Immigrants like shamsuddin yahya can be UMNO YB in Sabah?

  2. Why NO ACTION taken against this Illegal Immigrant YB Shamsuddin Yahya? Is it because he is UMNO's dog and untouchable?

  3. Status of a Bumiputra is good for The Malays(Bugis and Javanese)Beside KDM other race with MYKAD such as Cagayan,Tausug,Bajau,Simonol,Ayakan,Irranun,Sibuto are consider natives of Sabah! it nothing wrong for YB Shamsuddin Yahya status as Anak Negeri!They are Natives of The Maharlinkhan Kingdom.

  4. Bravo YB Jimmy, you really smack him right into his lair.BN wakils are real rojak and good for One Malaysia (n).

  5. In order to qualify as a YB he had to be borne in Sabah.Shamsuddin should be disqualified if he was not born here.Someone should challenge him in the next GE and protest to EC to disqualify him from contesting.

    I know this man but it never occured to me he came from somewhere.Frankly he is a snob and acted more like a mafia than a YB.I think Lo Su Sing can attest to that.

  6. According to sources, Jimmy Wong is a pure Chinese, so what he is a Chinese, then how about the PTIs who can claim to be Malays overnight?

  7. Kalau dia beria-ria mahu mengaku sebagai bumi, biarlah dia menjadi bumi.

  8. Bukan saja di Sabah, tapi juga di Sarawak. Hanya anak yang dilahirkan kepada kedua-dua ibu-bapa bumiputra barulah digelar bumiputra.

  9. sekarang ni banyak keadaan yang menyukarkan untuk kenalpasti seseorang itu bumiputera/orang asal ataupun bukan.

  10. Kenapa menidakkan status bumiputera rakyat Sabah yang mempunyai dokumen asli berbanding dengan PATI yang mendapat projek IC dan sekaligus bangsa mereka menjadi Melayu? Melayu bukan berasal dari Sabah dan tiba2 jumlah mereka menjadi banyak di sini.

  11. Adakah PENDATANG HARAM macam shamsudin yahya boleh jadi bumiputra Sabah dan Yang Bodoh UMNO?

    Jadi, semua PATI di Sabah akan layak jadi bumiputra Sabah lah?

    Kita KDM akan bangkit dalam PRU13. Pergilah mampus parti dari malaya!

  12. kena ada kaedah yang tepat untk pastikan status seseorang.

  13. Lawak apa yang Shamsudin buat bila mengatakan bahawa beliau mempunyai tali persaudaraan dengan TYT? Ada aku kesah?

  14. harap isu ini akan diselesaikan dengan segera..

  15. sabahan (or at least sino-kadazan like me) are being bullied by UMNO cum PTI agents wearing songkok and driving Ninja Toyota, sitting at state assembly with their well-trimmed "misai atap", talking loudly with their I-Phones, lighting ciggarette with the help of ALLADIN lighter from their drivers, tuck in their already blotted bellies, with hidden scandals of heinous crimes of accepting "duit kopi O", human trafficking of filipina and Tatur women, open discrimination againt poor wretched native villagers via land swab, hiring indonesian assasins as their bodyguards, making ties with international genocide figures such as Omar Al-Bashir, openly faning racial hatred, disguising themselves as "sabahan". I.S.A and E.O must be applied at once againts them. and they openly pissing me a sino-kadazan off.

  16. YB Sekong adalah PENDATANG HARAM dari pilipin.

    Apabila ditanya kebenaran IC dia, terus dia kata TYT adalah saudara dia.

    Aku pun ada saudara dari Indonesia tetapi mereka bukan orang Malaysia.

    Jangan kamu menipu lagi Samsudin Yahya. Kenapa Musang bin tidak aman diam saja? Oh ya kan, musang bin tidak aman pun seorang pakistan. Bagaimana seorang pakistan boleh jadi pribumi Sabah?

    Parti malaya UMNO hanya beri IC kepada PENDATANG HARAM yang beragama islam supaya penduduk bumiputra islam di Sabah melebihi penduduk KDM yang kebanyakan Kristian.

  17. All want to be Sabah native.

  18. Macamana sekarang ini mengenai PATI?? Selagi isu PATI ini tidak dapat ditangani selagi itulah pelbagai khabar angin dan isu yang akan dikaitkan PATI dengan kerajaan.

  19. kalau betul dakwaan JW di atas...maka memang agak sukarlah isu PATI dapat diatasi sebab pihak atasan pun kebanyakkan bukan orang jati Sabah.

  20. harap ada penyelesaian yang berkesan dan bukan menuding jari sesama sendiri.

  21. Cuba tanya sekali lagi Shamsudin pasal I/C dia dalam Dewan dan pasti kali ini dia kata dia juga sepupu Musa Aman.

    Apa punya YB Pilipin ini.Orang buat soalan dia ugut pula dengan persaudaraan dengan TYT.Bagus balik kerja dulu lah jadi dreber teksi di Sandakan.

    Berapa banyak lagi PTI jadi YB?

  22. Kebanyakan mereka2 ini yang buat komen tidak faham2 bezanya status Anak Negeri dengan status Bumiputra-Anak negeri ada kerajaanya dan Undang2 sendiri.Bumiputra mana?

  23. Shamsuddin termasuk golongan mana? Status anak negeri pun bukan malah bumiputra jauh sekali.Dia di lahirkan di pilipin jadi status apa? Shamsuddin bukan orang Sabah hanya rakyat Malaysia kerana mempunyai I/C biru.

    Ini sama status dengan Datu Akjan yang menjadi rakyat malaysia tapi lahir di Pilipin.

    Tidak ada lagi orang Sabah di sekong ka? Pemandu lori pun tidak apa kan lebih besar daripada teksi.

  24. Sabah BN is not easily shamed.

  25. I thought kids will follow their father's side? If the father is Chinese, then the kid is Chinese?

    1. It is different for Sabah Native. By right, as long as one of your Great Grandparent is of Native Descend, he or she has the right as a native..
      (Of course I stand corrected)..

  26. Filipin pun anak negeri Sabah bah...,kecuali Cina,India dan keturunan asal usul Indon layak jadi Bumiputra sahaja,Orang komen anak negeri,tidak tahu sejarahnya! System pemerintah kerajaan Anak Negeri bermula daripada Bingkor,Keningau Sabah sejak tahun 1930an,kalu kamu keturunan Indon,Cina,India jgan padai2 magaku anak negeri,Jadi Bumiputra cukuplah sama taraf orang Melayu Malaya! Pendatang!

  27. @Vince,

    I agree with you that kids should follow their father's side. That will make Musa Aman a Pakistani and not a bumiputra.Before his name was Musa Aman Khan but now for a reason he does not use the 'Khan' anymore.

  28. cuba Jimmy Wong bersara dari politik jadi orang biasa atau lompat parti.. mana tau ada peluang..

  29. Yang patut bersara ialah Shamsuddin bukan Jimmy.

  30. bagi aq dua - dua letak jawatan....puas hati...
    YB kena tau masalah rakyat kwasan mereka bukan membangkit status orang...cuba tanya apa masalah rakyat di kawasan mereka...boleh mereka jawab secara jujur?

  31. Bagus tu komen yang kau bilang dua dua pencen awal, bukan pasal bangsa bansa macam komen komen yang di atas tu, yang penting kerja dan kepimpinan YB, bukan cinala, indiala,timurla,pakistan la...suda la jangan ada politik perkauman

    coz we are living in the same sun, we are live under the same moon..Scorpion
    (bagus lagi lagu rock)..