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Saturday, January 7, 2012

BN really must GO! - Capt. Iskandar Dzulkarnain

By Capt.Iskandar Dzulkarnain

During Mahathir’s  rule many non-B's in the armed forces resigned due to lack of promotion opportunities because of his new govt policies.

Before that we had 7 Chinese and 2 Indian Generals. Read this article by Capt Iskandar Dzulkarnain. The Malays too are unhappy over what is happening. What an Embarrassment!

Tun Dr Mahathir was Prime Minister of Malaysia for 22 years. All of us lived under his leadership during his tenure, and many of us have come to admire him and regard him with our deepest respect, for what he had
done for the country.

His Vision 2020, the Look East Policy, the Multimedia Super Corridor, the Internet and his efforts to industrialize the country has brought countless prosperity to our nation.

Lately, we see a sudden about turn to his speeches and rhetorics. Many who listened with interest to his sermons, are alarmed at the vast distortion of everything he has tried to impress upon us in the past.
He is beginning to sound incoherent, with a tinge of cynicism.

The great empire he built in the last 22 years is slowly unravelling, crumbling, torn asunder by the words that spew forth from his mouth.

Everyone, who knows him in the past, is becoming disappointed in what he holds dear to.

At his age, we expect the Grand Old Vizier with wide political experience to advise us, and tell us where we went wrong, and to correct us.

To warn us of the pitfalls of racism, corruption and to protect this country from tearing itself apart.

Lately, many of his speeches have been met with disgust as he keeps on levelling criticism on the different races.

Even Singapore was not spared.

His latest speech that Malaysia belongs to the Malays, that Malays think 1Malaysia is about abolishing vernacular schools, and that Chinese and Indians think that 1Malaysia means abolishing Malay Rights, is really hurtful and hard to swallow.

Today, he is championing Malay Rights.

He is angry that Non-Malays are questioning these rights. He is also angry that Malays themselves are questioning these so-called Rights.

He wants the other races to acknowledge that the Dominant Malays are the rightful heirs to this country called Malaysia .

It is an embarrassment to the Malays. What special rights is he talking about? If the Malays have benefited from it, why have the Malays not advanced any further?

All these years, the Special Rights has only led the Malays to acknowledge that it is only a big pie in the sky.

If the Malays has Special Rights, why are the Malays still lagging behind?

Did anybody actually accorded the Malays these Rights in the past?

Did the Malays reject these Rights, so much so that they are now living in utter poverty?

Can someone start going around and bestow this Rights upon the Malays right now?

As far as we know, we never had any Rights!!!
Only the Chinese and Indians think we have Special Rights.

They can do and go where they want.
Can a Malay drink where he wants?
Can a Malay eat what and where he wants?
Can a Malay believe in whatever God he wants, like the Chinese and Indians? No, he can't. He has no rights!

To have rights means to have freedom to do what you want.

It seems that  the Chinese and Indians and the other  races seem to have more rights than us Malays.

Most Malays don't give two hoots about Tanah Melayu, Ketuanan Melayu or Special Rights, because it does not exist.

We just want a decent life, job, a brighter, predictable future and  the Right to practice our religion free of oppression. We are a loosely knitted race that comprises mixed Javanese, Sumatran, Indian, Hunanese, Thai, and Middle East blood bound together by our religion Islam. And yet in the INTERLOK novel we branded other communities as Pariahs. Why, why, why???

Being good Muslims, why must we insult other races??? And if there is a Special Right, I think I would want to have the Right to mingle freely with our Chinese and Indian friends, step into a church and listen with interest to their choirs singing Christmas Carols, drop by a Chinese temple, and observe the monks chanting their mantras, or to an Indian Temple to see how they worship. And to drop by the Pub, for a glass of cold Coke, without feeling a little peculiar.

I want the right to tell all our fellow citizens that we do not harbour any ill will against them, that we are just like them and that we will always stand by them.

22 years in power, and yet so many of us Malays still live in misery.
We are not asking for utter riches, just a decent life, but many Malays still live in utter misery, except the Super rich UMNOPutras.

And in the last election, many disappointed Malays were abandoning BN in droves.

Lastly, keep this in mind,  99 percent of Malaysians are not racist.
We are too busy living our lives than to check on our neighbours. It is the one percent who are UMNOputras desperately clinging on to power, and who will do anything at any cost, even selling their souls to the devil, that is causing all this ruckus about Racism in this country.

Malays, in their right minds are not going to support this bunch of losers. That is why they say that the Malays are split between UMNO and PAS. And the blame was put on poor old Nik Aziz, who became the
scapegoat for splitting the Malays.

Really BN and it's UMNOputras must go!

Life isn't about how to survive the storm,But how to dance in the rain...

Capt Iskandar says it all --not only on behalf of the Malays BUT for ALL MALAYSIANS !!!

SYABAS Capt !!!!


  1. Nik Aziz is a national treasure. If only Sabah BN leaders are like him. Lies is like tsunami, once it starts, it cannot stop. ABU.

  2. Mahathir berdosa besar pada orang orang Sabah.Disebabkan Mahathir takut Sabah ini menuntut Hak Hak yang Termaktub Semasa Penubuhan Malaysia,maka semua PATI diberi IC.IC ini bukannya palsu tapi cara dan kaedah "shortcut" atau main pintu belakang ini yang salah.

    PATI senang hati mendapat IC dan berjanji untuk undi UMNO BN.Percaya atau tidak,ada PATI (Indon) ada IC dan ada Passport Indonesia.Ada Pati Pakistan ada IC (lahir di Beaufort) tapi cakap Bahasa Malaysiapun tidak Lurus.Ada PATI Phillippines (Jalil - UNHCH Kinarut) ada IC dan lahir di KOTA BELUD.

    Di Kampung Warisan Inanam, JKKK UMNO BAKHTIAR AMIN,ada dua IC.Dalam persidangan UMNO pakai IC yang satu bila sekarang ada IC lain lagi.

    Inilah yang berlaku dimana UMNO BN tidak peduli apa yang berlaku pada Sabah asalkan dia MEMERINTAH SABAH.

    Gunung sari

  3. Some people are too greedy to be in power. These kind of people are the one who destroying our country little by little.

  4. And it is so hypocrite for those who likes to hide behind the name of religion and race. They talk like they know everything but they don't practice what they preach. Shame!

  5. Replies
    1. i must try the food if go to k.k.

  6. Tis Capt.thinking better than many JKKK or 'Capitans' in Sabah!

    Sia juga bikin panas je. I love Sabah too!

  7. Kalo 'lambang cacin tu terbalik' baru gam tu BN bulih 'safe landing' bah....hahaha!

  8. woooww.... again this adorable captain made me cry in the heart...tears in my eyes. yes you have your rights captain. i really salute you and your brave heart sir...! i love a lovely Sabahan and the country called "the land below the wind" a just beautiful and so beautiful SABAH Malaysia Borneo. the time we play in the field, dance in a rainy day...woww...

  9. Whats the big fuss about Mahathir's speech.He can say anything but he is not the PM anymore.Many people criticised Mahathir for some of his speeches his comments and opinions.I think he is just exercising his rughts as a citizen and not as government leader so what he said does not reflect govt policies on the issues that he said nor does it reflect the PM's stand.

    I think Mahathir is just being made a scapegoat to attack the government on the false assumption that whatever he said mirrors the govt stand on such issues.

    People also have forgotten that Mahathir is not holding any political post in UMNO being just an ordinary member in the party.Its just making mountains out of a molehill.

    This is the problem when people spend most of their time looking for faults of other people whom they detest for reasons known only to themselves.The writer is not showing genuine concern but is trying to 'stir the hornets nests' with the hope that some political points can be garnered from such exposures.But then again the people of Sabah are not dumb and naive as not being able to contrast between concern and hypocrisy on the issues touched by the writer.

    Mahathir is exercising his rights to express his views as a citizen unlike Anwar,LKS,LGE,YTL,JK and many more opposition leaders whose views are meant to antagonise because of their positions in their parties.But then again for what they said and for what they criticised and condemned the govt leaders with myriad of lies,humiliations and bullshits in their ceramahs all over the country it is heartening that the govt leaders kept their cool and did not react in anger and retaliation.

    I salute those 'oppressed' govt leaders because I think their actions are commendable.I just don't think I can fit in their shoes for I am the type of person who won't spare my punches if one is thrown at me.

  10. Agree with Anak Petagas but we must not forget what curse this Mahathir have done to Sabah npeople.

    You musn't forget the so called Projek IC Mahathir? So whatever good did Mahatir do, all sial2 only for he is the most hated PM in Malaysia beause of so many wrongdoings this Corrupted leader have done th thie nation.

    But I hop AP will not hate n angry with me if I say I too don't like this so alled Mahathir!

    Lain orang lain ragam. Sorry AP.

  11. Dayang,
    Kalau aku jumpa Mahathir di mana2 nanti aku tumbuk dia! Boleh bahkan.
    No sorry2 to Mahathirlah...
    Hate2 adalah.

  12. Nurul @ Lianah Abdullah (Joseph)January 8, 2012 at 2:15 PM

    Oh my God! Rasa mahu nangis pula aku bila teringatkan segala perbuatan para pemimpin BNUMNO ini.

    Bukan apa tapi sdra maraku yg beragama bukan islam paling banyak kena tempiasnya.

    Aku taklah begitu terasa penindasan itu sebab aku sudah memeluk agama islam sjak 35 tahun lalu. Anak2ku semuanya sekolah tinggi dan berjawatan tapi sdra maraku yg non muslim di sebaliknya.

    Aku sedar fenomena ini apabila membuat renungan yg mendalam tentang erti diskriminasi di Sabah dan kini ianya sudah mula membara di hati orang seperti kami orang asal Sabah yang teraniaya dek kerana perbezaan agama. Tapi di peringkat nasional, ia sudah menular kepada org yg seagama tapi berbeza fahaman politik!

    Alangkah sedihnya! Sdra2ku yg tidak beragama islam, diharap kalian tidak melihat ini sebagai kejahatan islam tapi ini adalah kejahilan individu beragama islam yg merosakkan kesuccian islam .

    Ayuh tolak UMNO/BN.

  13. @Dayang,

    I respect your opinions and your views of Mahathir.Everyone of us has own thoughts of him.Mahathir is a human being and so has many imperfections and flaws.What he did he will leave as his legacy,good or bad.

    I am trying to say that the statement,speeches,views and opinions on current issues are his personal views and not the govt lest we forget he is no longer the PM but just an ordinary citizen.But some irresponsible people are attacking him because they want to spite the govt.This is way out of line.

    Even Anwar had once said that he is leaving Mahathir alone for whatever he said against Anwar because he is retired and an old man.Why can't we leave it like that?

    1. Get him to shut up. he talks nuts and make people laugh. Tell him don't bring shame to Malaysians further.

  14. Last time,I respect Mahathir with what he has done to this country development but when I heard more about him and more about IC Project..,huh!

  15. Everyone's equal in God's eyes. Agama dan bangsa yang berbeza sepatutnya tidak membezakan kita. We should have respect and tolerance to become 1Malaysia.

  16. Leave the past in the past, Mahathir is yesterdays news, we should focus instead on the present.

  17. It is time to have equality in the country regardless of race, religion or gender.

  18. BN Sabah do more and more for Sabahan. Solve any problem issues in Sabah especially related with Sabahan right.

  19. semua masyarakat kena dilayan sama rata.

  20. yup.. BN must go to give other political parties a chance to steal the wealth of this country...

  21. Now is Najib era. So, just wait the GE13. result of Najib era can be know on that day.

  22. Nik Aziz tu sudah tua, rasanya patut bersara saja.

  23. Mahathiar has done enough evil deeds.Let him face gods for his deeds especially to the sufferings given to the Sabah and Sarawak people. Malaysia is what she is today is due to the sufferings and sacrifices of the Sabah and Sarawak people. Mahathiar has turned the once peaceful Sabah into a rotten fish market. He made the people fight amongst themselves including making the Chinese to form three different political parties and fight so foolishly and the Kadazan into three political parties and fight even more foolishly. Brothers and brothers fight. Husbands and wives fight' brothers and sisters fight and Mathia laughs. He would sack anyone who oppose him. He got what he wanted and for freeeeee. He wants Labuan and it is given for free. if You don't give you are sacked from your post. He has a big and evil education and Sabah people has only primary education at that time against this Oxford University graduate. What a shame. It is like a rich and powerful person going to the Kampong poor and uneducated folks and said I want your lands and houses and if you don't give I will shoot you and your family. He introduced project ICs and the project ICs holders today are bosses of
    Sabah people. The once god chosen people of Sabah has gone. Very sad indeed and I hope Mathiar pays his price in hell and his children and children's children do likewise. My family came to open up Borneo in 1881 and may I ask when did Mahitiar's father arrived to Malaya? Why he has more right over me? Only a robber and a cheater would claim he has more right and he came first. What a shameless human act like a beast. Shame on you Mahatiar and the evil deeds you bring to your family. This will go down to history and your family has to face the truth.

  24. The once beautiful Malay women has lost their beauty today. Look at P. Ramlee"s era. The women were so beautiful and the dresses they wore were so admirable. They show off their body curves for which every woman is proud to do. No women wanted to loose this out in their lifetime.

    The beauty of a woman is their hair you make them cover up which made the men throw their heads away and look at other women instead. So you see womenare not being spared by him. What right has another person to control the freedom of another person's personnel life? As long as they don't steal,rob,kill,cheat,harm others and the rest is between them and their personnel god and not to face human beings on their private life.

  25. HAY What about Mahiar imposed ISA hard on Sabah and Sarawak people? What about he took your 20 Point Agreement from you? Sabah and Sarawwak formed Malaysia are with conditions and not for freeeeeee.

  26. Mahatiar is a crafty man. It is because his mamak friends can't do well in their coffee shop he introduced Halal and unhala laws so that people will give his mamak friends some business. Do you see people eating at mamak shops in the old days? The people treated one another respectfully in the old days. They ate and drank on the same tables and shops and hardly any one ate in mamak shop. With the introduction of hala the people are further divided. This is a business trick.

  27. Can any one suggest one good deed done by mahatiar? I can't think of one only countless evil deeds. He brought the longest court case in he world against Pirian Kitigan for corruption. Pirian approved a shop lot to his relative in his home town and Matahiar found Pirin committed a serious offence. Matahiar never in his life time approved anything to his family members, relatives and cronies. Matahir is a saint. He should go to hell to face his hell god. the damage done by this particular evil mahatiar should not be forgiven by any human beings. He has fooled too many poor people just because he is cleaver.

  28. I cannot forget and forgive what Mahatiar and
    Syed Kechil has done to Sabah . Syed Kechil arrived Sabah with only one suitcase and ended up going home with tens of millions of ringget. How syed kchil bought land from the native people of Sabah for R
    M2.- an acre and sold the same land to government one thousand percent more than the purchased price. Good businessmen ha. Sabah people are too honest and kind lah. Can never beat the big evil timers. Sabah people have been taken for a big ride lah. Poor you got cheated lah. Everyone is a Pendadang only mahatiar is a malay and he has all the rights of this land whereby you have not. Malays are Indonesians and they come from a village called Malay. Mahatiar don't come from there lah. Don't misled the people lah.
    Don't cheat your father lah and bring shame to the poor old folk lah.

  29. One should never forget that Tun Musterpher initiated the Ssabah state mosque but when Tun died he being the first governor of Sabah was not

    allowed to be buried there whereas al the other past governorns were buried there. Who ordered it if not the proboscios monkey with a big nose? Who the hell he thinks he is? Hell awaits him.

  30. Who caused the 1976 plan crushing carrying Tn Fuad
    and 10 others?
    an answer has yet to arrived. A basket of mangoes ? Can the person sleep well?

  31. If you don't call a man evil hat do you call
    him? He encourage the chinese to gamble and forbid themalays not to gamble and if the malays gamble and caught will BE punished. Why double headed snake?? No one wins in gambling. All are losers only one winner and that winner is the Chong KaK. Tax the Chong Kak use the sinful money to build holy-places or use the money for luxury life yourself and let the losers commit suicide so that mone chinese are less in the country. he is happy to see the clever chinese gone away from this country. It took so much pain and money to bring up a person and you allowed him/her to be given away free? How stupid.

  32. Mahathir really a shit man.

  33. Mahitar introduced national asseblied cars. It is the poor Kg.folks suffered forit. You pay 9 years for a car and by the time finished paying the car cost double and the car after 9 years can go to the junk yard expecially going through the kkg. roads. He himself uses safe foregn cars very comfortable. When our cars caused accident the whole family killed because the car is so light and the body of the car is so thin. At the endthe poor kg' loose out in support of mahitar. Very often we see our new car can break down on the road . Se poor people suffer lah. suffer because we support an evil man.

  34. The chinese are the stupid ones to angat mahatail,s stinking legs fighting amongst themselves for projects. Greedy for riches. Why complaint now? There is nothing left for you to angket even if you want to because matatail already rich and has his own people to give. Sori for you and your children. Too late bah. you let the poor and less fortunate people down. We trusted you but now ...

  35. what happened tothe Capt Iskandar Dzulkarnain? its ages since i last read an article from him. looks like he disappeared or stop writing. anyone know? or is he writing under a different name? I recalled this article came out a long while ago in another ezine/

  36. Mahatiar has done enough evils let him rest in peace or suffer in hell base on god's principle. He should stop represent Malaysia now since he says something and does the opposite thinking people would listen to him. Deep down in the heart of other people's people would say *what a fool for so long* Let him make fun of himself. His nature is to talk nuts.

  37. If I were to hate someone in this universe it would be Mahathair I would hate. He is sch an evil and insincere man. Let him be burned in hell for ever.

  38. Mat Abdullah

    Is Mahatiar that bad? If so can he sleep well? Is he going to search his soul if he has one?

  39. I GUESS mAHATHIAR can swear that he had never cheated Sabah people especially on elections. The elections were held clean, fair and honest manner. and that he truely won in all election ever held. The opposition truely lost on all count. No foreigners ever given a chance to vote and no buses were provided to voting centres. No one and same foreigners voted in different centres

  40. Mahatiar used your money and mine money tonsave his son. Hisson is a millioniar and you and I are struggling to adjust our daily expenses.

    Everything goes up and how you expect us to struggle on? Our children and children's have to bear the country poverty. Vote UMNO 0out to avoid further damage to our country. Everything iws wrong because of this evil and selfish man.

  41. Ah Pan says

    Matahiar can pay his wrongs for his three generations to come.

  42. I pray that Matahir gets ISA from god in return.

  43. Mahathiar is a man hated by all. Whosoever support him will be one of him. Nothing but evil evil evil and more evil. Why has he not disappear yet? he world would be a better place without. He should have never been born in the first place. He harm and hurt too many people.


  45. How he drove all the good Malaysians away and brought in criminals to robe us to kill us to harm us. Before we can camp anywhere and very safe. No weput grill and double locks still not safe. Before we have doors and windows in our house and nothing to close it and it is still veery safe. Bringin more criminals lah they are your blood brothers and sisters after all. They are your race and same religion like you. You have destroyed our peaceful land and people. you are responsible to our sufferings and our children.s suffering. We hope you turn vegetables like Syed Kechil.

  46. Malaysia is marching towards civilization

    but why still so much lacking behind? Why practise things which are not logical? Where are all your PHDs, scientists, engineers etc. You have produced so many highly educated personnels why nothing is moved forward? No one has new ideas as how to move forward and compete with the rest of the word?

    Why mixed politics and religion together? One is dirty and other is clean. If you mix black and white together they become black and can never be white. Likewise when you mix politics and religion together What happen then?? It is to everyone's guess (?)

  47. A well-written article, Capt. With the God-given intellect and the opportunity to run the country for 22 years, I am totally disappointed that, not only he has not done a good job but he has also brought the country down on its knee. Tunku and Tun Hussien had already predicted that, if he had control of the country, the country will be destroyed. True enough, the country is now more divided than ever. Even now, he has not played the role of an elderly statesman, but an uncouth racist who is bent only to to ensure he gets his own way - the hell with the country and the Rakyat. I hope he sees what is the outcome of the GE 13, how the people rejects the corruption, the racist divide, the inept politicians, the uncompetitive GLCs, misuse of power, loss of security, high crime rate, etc. Malaysia deserves a better leader, not one that is currently weighed down by Scorpene, Altantuya, Cincin, misuse of government facilities for personal holidays and weddings, etc.