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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Yong: Beware the power of lies

By Matthias Hermes

KOTA KINABALU: The notorious lie that Yong Teck Lee was paid RM80 million by UMNO (to split opposition votes) was professionally invented by psychological warfare experts.

“They had also precisely calculated the amount, the timing and methods to turn a lie into a believable rumour among an urban population whose mind-set was already anti-BN,” said Yong Teck Lee who lost in the recently concluded elections.

“These “war room experts” had access to telephone numbers of voters and also made use of the rumour mill among the many loan sharks operatives on the ground,” stressed Yong (photo).

“It is no coincidence that Likas and Luyang voters got text messages on their mobile phones from the BN Likas and Luyang candidates respectively. I also worry that telephone companies have breach their subscribers’ personal data,” insisted Yong.

“Initial information points towards an UMNO-DAP collaboration in spreading this RM80 million lie,” said Yong.
He said that the import of this lethal combination of psy war experts and loan sharks is something new that should be of concern to all Sabahans who live a decent life.

“This is the type of gangster tactics which tried to shut down a car wash operator to make way for DAP ceramah at Foh Sang”.

“With the anti BN mindset, urban folks easily believed any drama. For instance, since I am a regular taxi user, when people say that I took a taxi to Musa Aman’s house to collect the RM 80 million cash, some people believed.

“I had at first brushed off the sick joke about UMNO paying us, what more travel in a taxi to transport RM80 million cash? But enough people fell for the lie. Such is the power of lies,” said Yong who spoke for first time on this matter since the elections.

“Pushed by the DAP red army of full time paid-cyber gangsters, the lie spread like wild fire. I ask Hiew King Cheu and Jimmy Wong Sze Phin whether they honestly believe the RM 80 million lie. Just a simple yes or no, would clear your conscience and define your honesty in this world”, said Yong.

“Losing or winning is part of elections but what will become of our society if we live on lies? Who among us, especially society leaders, will become the next victims of the power of lies?”

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  1. Dap famous for fabricating lies...sama sama dengan umno