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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

PBDS-Baru tells Malayan parties to stay out

The Sarawak opposition party says opposition parties from Peninsular Malaysia are not sincere in fighting for Sarawak's autonomy.

KUCHING - PBDS-Baru, a Sarawak opposition party, claims that opposition leaders from West Malaysian parties are not sincere in defending the autonomy of Sarawak.

Vice-President Dr Elli Luhat said locals did not believe the DAP and PKR would allow Sarawak to have autonomy.

“One of the things that Sarawakians fight for is autonomy, and as a local party, we can give more pressure and emphasis in this fight.

“I don’t believe parties such as the DAP and PKR when they say they want to fight for Sarawak’s autonomy,” he told a press conference today.

Elli said he had presented the case for autonomy to former opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, when the latter formed PKR, but that there had not been any sincerity on Anwar’s part.

He said he also spoke to STAR founder Jeffrey Kitingan, who was PKR vice-president before his resignation from the party in 2009.

“I warned Jeffrey Kitingan (against joining PKR). Look where he is now? Even Baru Bian was appointed (by West Malaysian leaders), not voted in, as Sarawak PKR chairman,” he added.

PBDS-Baru president Louis Jarau said West Malaysian opposition parties should not attempt to contest in the state election.

“Leave the state election. Don’t bother. Sarawakians can do better,” Jarau, who had once said that PBDS-Baru would be BN friendly, added.

PBDS-Baru was recently allowed by the Election Commission to contest under its own symbol in the coming election.

The question of autonomy for the state has become the main issue in this state election with both the BN and opposition parties promising the state greater autonomy if they won.

Jarau announced that the party would field about 10 candidates in Dayak majority seats.

He also announced the name of the first candidate from the party, Deputy President Patrick Anek Uren, who will contest the Opar seat, against BN direct candidate Ranum Mina and a candidate from the PKR.

Patrick was MP for Mas Gading from 1974 to 1986 when he was a member of now defunct SNAP.

By Aedi Asri

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