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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Batu Sumpah delay is inexcusable

KOTA KINABALU - “Despite the “hu-has”, public statements, pledges and promises by the Federal and Sabah ministers, investigations by the police, involvement of the Sabah Museum and other Sabah government leaders, it seems nothing has happened to the national heritage historical document, the Batu Sumpah, relocation and the restoration of the original plaque of the Batu Sumpah” said Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, President of STAR and the Assemblyman for Bingkor, in response to the publicity and outcry over the delay in the relocation and restoration of the original Batu Sumpah plaque as announced by Tan Sri Kurup, the Minister in the PM’s Department.

“While waiting for whatever else to be done, even the simple action of putting back the original plaque that had re-emerged after decades could not be done by the Federal and Sabah governments after months of wanting and taking back the original plaque.   Such inaction speaks volume of the attitude and nonchalance of the Federal and Sabah governments towards not only of the Batu Sumpah but the formation of Malaysia and treatment of Sabah in Malaysia” added Dr. Jeffrey.

It is not surprising given the historical performance of the Federal government as well as the Sabah government on Sabah in Malaysia including the failure and inaction of the more recent RCI Technical and Main Committees, frequent cross-border kidnappings and many other similar government inaction.

There is totally no sense of urgency when it comes to the formation of Malaysia or the equal status of Sabah and Sarawak in Malaysia, or typically known as NATO, No Action Talk Only.

The delay in putting back the original plaque which sets out the words “KERAJAAN MALAYSIA JAMIN” which were omitted in a replacement plaque mysteriously done and the publicly announced purported relocation of the Batu Sumpah is inexcusable.


The Federal and Sabah governments have the power to act, the governments control the necessary funds, which costs practically nothing in the simple task of putting back the original plaque.  Both governments have all the implementing agencies and thousands and thousands of government personnel and security forces and whatever needed at their disposal.


Can the people be blamed if they think that the federal government of Malaya masquerading as the federal government of Malaysia is treating Sabah as a far-flung colony and unimportant just like the promises and assurances given to induce Sabah and Sarawak to form Malaysia back in 1963 and some of which are set into the Batu Sumpah?

The Federal and Sabah governments and their leaders better not think and treat the Batu Sumpah as an irrelevant and unimportant historical and constitutional document to be discarded and forgotten.   They better remember the traditions and consequences of the Batu Sumpah, if not honoured, and take immediate action to honour and restore the Batu Sumpah to its rightful place in history, lest they be cursed forever.

If the Federal government still feels that the Batu Sumpah and the promises and assurances that formed the basis of Sabah agreeing to form Malaysia with the Federation of Malaya, Sarawak and Singapore then are not to be taken seriously, the obvious solution would be to set Sabah and Sarawak free, just as was done to Singapore in 1963 and let them grow and progress freely just as Singapore has shown since 1965.

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