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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Plea to bar ex-DAP man giving talk in Sabah

SANDAKAN - Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) called on the Government to consider banning ex-DAP member, Hew Kuan Yau, from coming to Sabah to deliver a talk here on Sept 16.

LDP Youth Chief Tsang Hieng Yee said Hew is notoriously known for using vulgar words and prone to inciting hatred through his speeches.

He said Hew should be stopped from entering Sabah so as to preserve the decent culture, harmony living, peace and unity which have been forged by our forefathers until now being enjoyed by the people in Sabah.

"The people here must also shun the upcoming talk to be delivered during the celebration of Malaysia Day, this Friday.

"It is very important for us to stay away from such influence of Hew, particularly for the younger generations.

"Hew's way of arbitrarily insulting and hating the government by using vulgar words will likely corrupt our local culture and is definitely not healthy for Sandakan folks, especially the younger generations," he said in a statement.

Sometimes Hew is extreme in criticising the Government and non-Chinese.

"We did not welcome Perkasa President Ibrahim Ali into Sabah.

Thus, we should also not welcome a vulgar and a controversial person such as Hew.

Hew was recently forced to resignation following public condemnation of his statement in Facebook calling everybody not to dispute the claim of South China Sea made by China because it belongs to China."

"It is not readily understandable why now Hew is going to Sandakan on Malaysia Day in order to give a talk under the DAP banner," he said.

"With regards to such impropriety, I believe and hope DAP Sandakan MP, Steven Wong ought to take responsibility.

If the date was agreed to by Wong, then, definitely, he has failed to respect our history," Tsang said.

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