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Friday, February 24, 2017

After Umno Youth, it's Rani Kulup's turn on North Korea

The king of police reports also wants North Korea to retract its statement that Malaysia is colluding with foreign governments in probing Kim Jong Nam’s killing
KUALA LUMPUR - While Putrajaya and Pyongyang’s spat over the murder of Kim Jong Nam continues, in walks Abdul Rani Kulup Abdullah, dubbed the king of police reports, to have his say.

Rani, who has a penchant for paramilitary outfits – complete with a red beret – earlier today held a small protest outside the North Korean embassy to voice his dissatisfaction with the communist state for alleging that Malaysia was colluding with foreign governments in investigating the killing of Kim Jong Nam.

North Korean ambassador Kang Chol had also claimed Malaysia “had something to conceal” in Jong Nam’s death, and that North Korea could not trust the Malaysian investigation as it was “politically motivated”.

“North Korea should take it easy. Don’t make accusations without investigating it first,” Rani, who heads an NGO, told reporters gathered outside the embassy.

Sporting red headphones, Rani said North Korea had no reason to sweat over the post-mortem conducted by the Malaysian authorities as the nation had “world-class” expertise to handle it.

Rani urged police to investigate the ambassador over his remarks and demanded that the North Korean embassy retract its statement.

Rani ended his protest by dropping a copy of his memorandum into the embassy’s postbox.
Minutes later, two officials from the embassy emerged but not to meet up with Rani.
Instead, they held a press conference on a separate matter.

Earlier today, police revealed that preliminary tests by the chemistry department found traces of VX nerve agent on the body of Jong Nam. VX nerve agent is a chemical substance that the United Nations has classified as a weapon of mass destruction.

Jong Nam, the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, is believed to have been poisoned at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 on Feb 13.

The incident triggered a diplomatic crisis between Malaysia and North Korea, after Pyongyang protested against an autopsy on the body of Jong Nam and accused Malaysia of collaborating with “hostile forces”. - FMT

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