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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Harakah apologises over article which claimed Canadian PM has become Muslim

KUALA LUMPUR - Pas mouthpiece Harakah has apologised for publishing an article which claimed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has embraced Islam.

In its apology on, its editors admitted to being negligent as there were mistakes in its translation and the source of the opinion piece written by Ustaz Zainuddin Hashim.

The article said Trudeau had embraced Islam after discovering that the religion and its followers in Canada were the best in their actions.

Harakah, in the apology, said it will be making a correction in its next edition.

A photo showing Trudeau, who appears to be inside a mosque with worshippers, was also published together with the article which had garnered criticism from many on social media who believe it to be fake news.

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