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Sunday, April 30, 2017

JJPTR founder claims he has found new investors

JJPTR founder Johnson Lee claims that he has found new investors overseas and promises to repay its members.

“I will give priority to those who have not gotten their principal back, which are members who joined between April 10 and 19.

“I will repay you 100%, but give me some time.

“Right now, I want to start over again and I’ve just gotten several investors from overseas to commit,” Lee, 28, said in a video posted on the JJPTR Malaysia Facebook page on Friday night.

JJPTR, or Jie Jiu Pu Tong Ren in Mandarin (salvation for the common people) came under the spotlight when investors complained that they did not get their scheduled payment this month.

Members are asked to invest between US$25 and US$1,000 (RM110 and RM4,400) and promised a monthly return of 20%.

Lee had earlier claimed that their forex trading account was “hacked” with losses amounting to US$400mil (RM1.75bil).

Despite seemingly having lost their “investments” many members stood up in defence of the scheme on social media, with some even blaming the press for putting JJPTR in bad light.

In the latest video, Lee also criticised the media, saying: “You all have been attacking me all this while.

“I believe that each person has to be responsible for his own actions. So please just write about me, and not about people close to me,” he added in the video.

He is believed to be referring to his father Lee Thean Chye, 58, and former girlfriend Tan Kai Lee, 24, both of whom are directors of JJ Global Network Holdings Berhad.

Records at the Companies Commission of Malaysia show Thean Chye is the largest shareholder, owning 850,000 shares in the company, followed by Tan with 150,001 shares. Lee owns only one share.

Thean Chye, who was an assistant professor at Southern University College in Johor has since resigned on Wednesday after the JJPTR loss came to light.

JJPTR, along with associate forex trading entities JJ Poor to Rich and JJ Global Network, are among 288 entities and individuals listed on Bank Negara’s Financial Consumer Alert as of Feb 24.

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