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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Take Back the “Keys” to our Sabah House – Lajim

BEAUFORT -  “In the forthcoming PRU-14, Sabahans should take the opportunity and take back the “keys” to our Sabah house” said Datuk Lajim Ukin, President of Parti Harapan Rakyat Sabah.

Lajim in support of Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan’s view that Sabah is at a crossroad in PRU-14 said that “in reality, there is only one viable option for Sabahans to choose which is to vote to take back the keys to our own Sabah house.”

“Sabah is our own house, we must take back the keys to our own house and we must hold the keys to the house.  If not and the keys are held by others, we may one day be kicked out from our own house” reflected Lajim.

Before the formation of Malaysia in 1963, despite being a British colony, Sabah belonged to Sabahans and not to outsiders.

The Sabah house belonged to Sabahans, made up from diverse ethnicities, religion and culture, a rich melting pot of peace and harmony which epitomizes 1-Malaysia.

It is blessed with a beautiful environment that has become a world-famous eco-tourism destination.  It is also blessed with rich resources and inhabited by beautiful people.

Unfortunately, the government is now controlled by outsiders who impose their way of life and determine how the State is to be developed.  Instead of true development, it is backward and lagged behind Malaya by several decades despite its rich resources particularly oil and gas and revenues which are taken by the Federal government.

“Sabah’s founding father, the late Tun Mustapha, has said it would be meaningless for Sabah if they have a government but let others or outsiders control the state and Sabahans” said Lajim.

The time has come for Sabahans to stand united and reclaim what rightly belonged to Sabah, its rights and autonomy, its rich resources and revenues including the 40% net revenue collected by the Federal government.

The time has also come for Sabahans to take back the State, take back its resources and its rights which legitimately belonged to Sabah.

We should now chart our own destiny and our own future and no longer allow outsiders to make the decision on our behalf and treat us as a humiliating “fixed deposit” and made to beg for crumbs to develop Sabah when the revenues come from Sabah originally.

“Come PRU-14, Sabahans should take the opportunity to heed the advice of Tun Mustapha and vote to support the Gabungan Sabah coalition of Harapan Rakyat, STAR, SAPP and PPRS to take back Sabah and to chart its own future and destiny” urged Lajim.

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