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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Police to investigate video clip of illegal immigrants entering Tawau by paying RM50

TAWAU - The district police here are investigating an 11-minute long video clip that was purportedly filmed by an Indonesian journalist who disguised himself as an illegal immigrant while entering Tawau.

Among others, the short documentary which has gone viral over the social media, claimed that hundreds of illegal immigrants entered Tawau on a daily basis by “paying RM50 to the authorities.”

Yesterday, district police chief ACP Fadil Marsus confirmed he had received the video clip and watched it. He said: “We are concerned with what was reported and we will investigate the matter thoroughly.”

“The police will check the authenticity of the clip and if there is any evidence that our personnel including the General Operations Force and marine police are involved, we will take action against them,” he warned.

Fadil said that if there was any truth in the video, there would certainly be follow-up action taken. “If the video has indeed revealed any wrongdoing, then we appreciate it,” he added.

The police chief said that the authorities had never let up in mounting continuous operations against illegal immigrants.

Fadil said: “The video clip has created a negative perception on the force in this district but I would like to state that we have been aggressive in our operations against illegal immigrants.”

He also admitted that the vast geographical layout of the area had enabled syndicates to operate using ‘back lanes’ and illegal drop points.

The video clip meanwhile, also shows the passenger boat transporting the illegals spared from being checked by police on a patrol boat.

The boat began its journey from Nunukan, Indonesia before entering the waters off Batu-Batu in Tawau and travelled along ‘back lanes’ such as the rivers of Kalabakan, Pui, Brantian and Udin.

It was also reported that the programme has been aired on an Indonesian TV channel.

By Nazrini Badarun

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