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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Cops say Uber still illegal

KOTA KINABALU - Sorry Uber users. No matter how cheap the Uber service fares are and convenient it is for people to get around with the rides, the present rule of thumb for the ride-hailing service is downright illegal.

This was the comment made by City Police Chief ACP M Chandra on the concerns raised by Netizens over the use of ride-hailing apps, which include 'Grabcar.'

In a short response, Chandra said: "It's still illegal in the whole of Malaysia as per today. Please do not speculate."

Uber arrived in Kota Kinabalu in May and has become an instant hit among commuters and tourists for its efficient and cheap service.

It's cheaper, cars are all new (under eight years old under the Uber terms) and convenient.

But policy makers have yet to come out with a clear ruling over the use of the ride-hailing apps, which have been accused of stealing the taxi drivers' bread and butter, and instead decided to brand it illegal, until a clear law to regulate the service is made.

Two Uber drivers had been arrested recently just days after videos surfaced on two other Uber drivers being heckled by taxi drivers for encroaching taxi waiting zones.

This had riled Netizens who pointed to the poor transportation service in the city and the lax enforcement on unscrupulous taxi drivers who charged passengers indiscriminately.

Taxi drivers have for some years lamented their shrinking income due to numerous reasons including the hike in fuel prices.

But on the flip side, many people saw the entry of Uber as an opportunity to earn additional income part time or full time as Uber partners.

Some of them claimed they could earn around RM3,000 a month just being an Uber driver.

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